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My Sephardi, Ashkenazi, Ethiopian minyan

The World Health Organization may not have sounded the all-clear sign, the Health Ministry may still be on alert, and some people may still be getting sick, but in my...

Hiding in plain sight: The meaning of Israel’s recent election

The dramatic electoral shift is in the rise of the religious parties. The dramatic electoral shift reflects the dramatic demographic shift. Birth rate.

Not just a nut case here, a nut case there

It’s interesting, as the world analyzes whether Kanye West’s (Ye’s) outbursts do or do not constitute anti-Semitism, the (sadly) routine shul emails about...

Even in a Catch-22, some responses are mistaken

The Catch-22 on anti-Semitism: Call it out and risk more anti-Semitism — or keep quiet and risk more anti-Semitism.

University ‘pipeline’

In the course of her questioning in two affirmative action cases in front of the Supreme Court, Justice Elena Kagan put forward a thought-provoking comment.

From the archives: Kristallnacht

On the 84th anniversary of Kristallnacht, a look in the IJN archives to see how the pogrom was covered at the time.

Oh the Pity! Oh the Pain!

In all humility, my troubles do not compare to those of Marlene Engelhorn, 30, of Vienna. When the news broke about Engelhorn’s grief and distress, the terrible news...

‘ . . . expected to make a full recovery’

“ . . . expected to make a full recovery.” Such is the medical bulletin put out after the husband of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi was subjected to attempted...

If — make that when — you hit the brick wall

In the genealogy world, we use the term “brick wall” when we seem to go as far as we can in finding a particular ancestor or branch. I hope this isn’t too...

Jewish Family Service of Colorado — see you in 2072

For one-and-a-half centuries,
Jewish Family Service of Colorado 
has responded to human needs with compassion.