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Dear Tzviling

Pebbles from heaven

Dear Tzviling, Thank you for your column. I have a question regarding wealth. I grew up in a home of modest means. I was always taught that wealth can be […]

Avoiding the wedding ‘plotz’

Dear Tzviling, First, the good news. Mazel Tov! My daughter is engaged to be married. And now, the “bad” news. I’m going meshhuga! [I’m a nervous wreck!] The...

How to meet Elijah the Prophet

Dear Tzviling, I have read many stories of Elijah the Prophet. I was told that great people actually had the privilege to see him. Tell me, how can I have […]

Time travelling

Dear Tzviling, What do you think would be better — to go back in time or to see the future? Andy Hampstead, Canada Dear Andy, To quote a favorite saying […]

Mathematics vs. nachas

Dear Tzviling, My daughter wants to get married and is getting a lot of offers of fine young men. Many friends have told me to make sure to check out […]

What’s the difference?

Dear Tzviling, I really enjoyed your column discussing the body and soul, but I am still disturbed. As a mechanic, I work on car engines, open their hearts, remove the...

MATZA: Mental Anguish TZviling Alert

PASSOVER EDITION SECTION C PAGE 11 Dear Tzviling, Help! Passover is around the corner and I don’t know where to begin. I know I have to get rid of every […]

Heavenly, and then some

Dear Tzviling, Why is it customary — for Rosh Hashanah — to make round challos and shape them like a spiraling ladder? Melanie (Denver)

Meat on Shavuos?

Dear Tzviling, Why do many people eat dairy on the holiday of Shavuos? Is it okay to eat meat on Shavuos? Molly (sent by e-mail)

Would you put sugar in your gas tank?

Dear Tzviling, I enjoy your articles, especially the ones about Jewish practice. I am hoping you can help me. My wife wants to keep a kosher home. That’s fine with...