Tuesday, October 4, 2022 -
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How serious is the infection?

In my New Year prayer I mentioned receiving a game stick from my favorite hockey player. The story behind it is a great example of how sports can elevate the spirit and...

As an idea, sin is not so popular

It is a paradox. Yom Kippur says: G-d does not forgive the wrongs committed against people unless, first, the wrongdoer seeks the forgiveness of the victim.

Holy and fragile days of judgment and mercy

It is interesting how Rosh Hashanah is such an intense time, highlighting the fragility of life, a day immersed in contemplating existential dread — yet somehow, as...

Iran to Los Angeles to Seattle to Denver — via the IJN

How did a Persian Muslim find himself at a Shabbat table in Seattle? It started in Los Angeles, with an endodontist from Denver — and with the IJN the unexpected go...

The thinning of humanity

If losing weight were as pervasive as the thinning of our language, the obesity epidemic would vanish in a night.

Always the bearer of bad news?

I called my 30-year-old son the other day. His first words were, “What’s the matter? What’s wrong now?”

Mortality and majesty

As we drove on the dark winding Maroon Creek Road, flanked by the elegantly delicate and shivering aspens, sunrise was approaching ever closer.

Queen Elizabeth’s (and our) . . . legacy?

I am not opposed to the British monarchy. I am not in favor of it. I, like many Americans, simply don’t understand its attraction.

Tangible taste of the season

With Rosh Hashanah approaching, honey cake baking season is upon us. I know, it’s a controversial topic. Honey cake — hate it, or love it?

America’s monarch?

Why do I find myself deeply saddened by the Queen’s death?