Sunday, December 10, 2023 -
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Where am I this Chanukah?

Are the lights on the Chanukah menorah like speech or like silence? Do they open up our minds and souls to the meaning of the evil that has surrounded us, the Jewish...

They are worried that we are worried

With two sons who have spent a good part of the last month fighting Hamas in Gaza, another bouncing between battling Hezbollah in the North and preparing to enter Gaza...

On Chanukah, dispel the darkness

Those two words of greeting seem so out of place right now, like words that collide with a context, a reality — our reality that wails anything but “Happy...

A few dollars to spare

When Black Lives Matters protests took place across the country, including here in Denver, causing, incidentally, the same kind of barricading of civil spaces that the...

Forced to watch

Avigail three years old when kidnapped, four by the time she returned home to Israel, came back without her pink floral pacifier.


As the news and videos of hostages being released started coming in, I was surprised to find myself depressed.

Ten questions to ask about Israel and Hamas

Many people (myself included) have written some version of “10 facts to know about Israel/Hamas.”

The most important Chanukah in our lifetime

This Chanukah could be the most important celebration of the holiday in our lives. By the time the first candle is lit, hopefully the hostages held in Gaza will have...

Which river?

A friend dropped by the office and recounted his frustrating interactions with opponents of Israel. One was repeating “From the River to the Sea.” My friend asked...

A caged-animal life sentence

I feel like I literally have a pit in my stomach. A hole in my heart. The psychic agony of this hostage crisis truly is psychological warfare.