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Rabbi Hillel Goldberg, PhD

Rabbi Hillel Goldberg

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Fifty years ago, Rabbi Goldberg started his journalistic career with high school buddy Dick Gould. Together, they published their own newspaper. One year later, their magazine, Tempo, was featured in Time.

Since then, Rabbi Goldberg has earned rabbinic ordination in Jerusalem, a doctorate in Jewish intellectual history at Brandeis, and has taught at The Hebrew University (Jerusalem) and Emory (Atlanta).

He has written for the IJN for over 50 years, 12 years as its Israel correspondent (1972-1983). During his time in Israel, he penned a weekly column, The View from Jerusalem. He was executive editor from 1983-2017, when he became editor and publisher. He has won first-place journalism awards in news, features, profiles, arts, editorials, commentary, reportage from Israel and graphic design.

Rabbi Goldberg is an expert on the Musar movement, and has published three books on the subject. He has published two Hebrew volumes on the Vilna Gaon’’s understanding of the laws of mikveh.

Book Reviews (selected)

Rabbi Goldberg has written an extensive amount of book reviews, published in the Intermountain Jewish News as well well as other leading Jewish media.


Fire, Ice, Air: A Memoir Beginning in Siberia, by Rabbi Simcha Shafran

Between My Father and the Old Fool, by Maeir Cahan

The Girl in the Green Sweater, by Krystyna Chiger

The Children of Willesden Lane: Beyond the Kindertransport: A Memoir of Music, Love, and Survival, by Mona Golabek and Lee Cohen

Faith Amid the Flames by Yosef Golding (available via request)


Ruth, by Yael Ziegler

Rav Kook: Mystic in a Time of Revolution, by Yehuda Mirsky

Vision and Valor: An Illustrated History of the Talmud, by Rabbi Berel Wein

Climbing Jacob’s Ladder, by Alan Morinis

The 28th of Iyar, by Rabbi Emanuel Feldman

Saul Lieberman: The Man and His Work, by Elijah Shochet and Solomon Spiro

The Struggle for Israel’s Soul, by Yoram Hazony

From Hilltop to Hilltop, by Heather Gelb

Reb Leizer, by Yisroel Besser

My Shoshana, by Rabbi Refael Grossman

Exalted Evening: the Passover Haggadah with a Commentary based on the Teachings of Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik, by Rabbi Menachem Genack

There Are No Basketball Courts in Heaven, by Dovid Landesman

The Prime Ministers, Yehuda Avner

Princes Among Men: Memories of Eight Young Souls

Dreams Never Dreamed, by Kalman Samuels

Genesis: A Parsha Companion, by David Forhman

Reviewed in Tradition Journal’s “Important Books” feature

Warrior: An Autobiography by Ariel Sharon with David Chanoff (Simon & Schuster)

Rememberings: The World of a Russian Jewish Woman in the Nineteenth Century by Pauline Wengeroof. (Translated by Henny Wenkart)

Exploring Jewish Tradition: A Transliterated Guide to Everyday Practice and Observance by Abraham B. Witty and Rachel J. Witty

The Tzedakah Treasury: An Anthology of Torah Teachings on the Mitzvah of Charity — To Instruct and Inspire by Avrohom Chaim Feuer

Hiding Places: A Father and His Sons Retrace Their Family’s Escape From the Holocaust by Daniel Asa Rose

In Praise of Public Life by Joseph I. Lieberman (Simon & Schuster)

Peering Through the Lattices: Mystical, Magical, and Pietistic Dimensions in the Tosafist Period by Ephraim Kanarfogel

Judaism Faces the Twentieth Century: A Biography of Mordechai Kaplan by Mel Scult

Moses on Management: 50 Leadership Lessons From the Greatest Manager of All Time by David Baron with Lynette Padwas

The Half-Jewish Book: A Celebration by Daniel Klein and Freke Vuijst

God is Proof Enough by Walter S. Wurzburger

The Mashgiach: Reflections on the Life of Rav Moshe Aaaron Stern zt’l, Mashigiach of Kamenitz Yeshiva by Yechiel Michel Stern

Marital Intimacy: A Traditional Jewish Approach by Avraham Peretz Friedman

The Man Who Stopped the Trains to Auschwitz: George Mantello, El Salvador, and Switzerland’s Finest Hour by David Kranzler