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15 voices, 15 seder steps

Ahead of Passover, the Intermountain Jewish News asked a cross-section of clergy, lay leaders and community members to share a lesson or personal memory they find in a...

The ultimate field trip

Journeying back to where it all started — the ground of the Exodus from Egypt.The ultimate field trip

Jewish, labor communities join for a ‘Labor Seder’

This was the first Labor Seder, an interfaith event sponsored by Coloradans for the Common Good.

The great latke vs. hamantaschen debate going strong

Since 1946, the University of Chicago has hosted a debate on another long-running disagreement: whether latkes or hamantaschen are the superior Jewish holiday food.

Japanese Chanukah spin

Soon after Rabbi Moti Grumach moved to Kyoto, Japan, about three years ago he realized that a local craft dovetailed neatly with Jewish traditions.

In Israel, counterfeit olive oil hinders Chanukah tradition

Like thousands of Orthodox Jewish consumers who buy premium olive oil ahead of Chanukah, David purchased $160 of the stuff only to burn it — in a menorah.

The long road from Tehran to Denver

CHANUKAH 5782 SECTION A PAGE 6 a tense and precarious night in 1985, when Robert Salehrabi, his younger brother and two other Jewish boys crossed the line from...

Treasures depict pre-Holocaust life

CHANUKAH 5782 SECTION D PAGE 9 NEW YORK — Even when Arthur Kurzweil sits by himself in his study, he doesn’t feel that he’s alone. After all, he has the […]

Unearthed fortress in Israel illustrates Chanukah story

A fortress dating to the Hellenistic Era that the Hasmoneans burned to the ground has been excavated in an Israel Antiquities Authority dig in the Lachish Forest, the...

Sukkot: Why it’s the favorite holiday at our house

Sukkot — which begins Monday evening, Sept. 20 — has long been a favorite holiday at the Altman house in Colorado Springs. For my husband and me, it is a […]