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For people with eating disorders, Yom Kippur is especially complex

Shonna Levin is an Orthodox Jew, but she didn’t spend last Yom Kippur in a synagogue. The Brooklyn activist had planned to set up camp in Prospect Park, where she was...

Zimtsterne: Break-the-fast cookies

When Yom Kippur comes to a close, I follow the age-old wisdom of transitioning from the fast to the main meal by offering my guests a light nibble as they come into my...

7 Rosh Hashanah desserts that aren’t honey cake

By Rachel Myerson, The Nosher We’ve probably all tried various versions of lekach, or honey cake, over the years. 
 While this Rosh Hashanah treat has for...

Shauvuot celebrations at Kibbutz Emek Yizrael

Eight fun facts about Shavuot in Israel

It’s time to get ready for what many consider to be the best holiday on the Jewish calendar: Shavuot.

When Torah meets caffeine

People from the Denver Jewish community share their experiences of staying up all night for Shavuot learning.

15 voices, 15 seder steps

Ahead of Passover, the Intermountain Jewish News asked a cross-section of clergy, lay leaders and community members to share a lesson or personal memory they find in a...

The ultimate field trip

Journeying back to where it all started — the ground of the Exodus from Egypt.The ultimate field trip

Jewish, labor communities join for a ‘Labor Seder’

This was the first Labor Seder, an interfaith event sponsored by Coloradans for the Common Good.

The great latke vs. hamantaschen debate going strong

Since 1946, the University of Chicago has hosted a debate on another long-running disagreement: whether latkes or hamantaschen are the superior Jewish holiday food.

Japanese Chanukah spin

Soon after Rabbi Moti Grumach moved to Kyoto, Japan, about three years ago he realized that a local craft dovetailed neatly with Jewish traditions.