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Lori Aron

Lori Aron

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Customer service is the trademark of Lori Aron, IJN advertising representative.

In 1989, Lori came to the IJN’s subscription telemarketing program. Then she moved into advertising sales.

Lori’s background includes beauty supply sales. She is a licensed cosmetologist.

A native Denverite, Lori is the daughter of Arlene and the late Richard Aron. Mr. Aron was a respected liquor wholesaler, and Lori followed in her father’s footsteps as a customer-service driven sales professional.

IJN advertisers who have worked with Lori know how she is always looking out for her clients and making sure they receive the best service possible.

She attended BMH Hebrew school and is a graduate of George Washington High.

Lori’s son Dylan is a graduate of RMHA, having gone all the way through from kindergarten to 12th grade at what is now called Denver JDS. A sports star in high school, Dylan now coaches youth. He attended CU-Boulder.