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Out There

Emancipation Day

Certain dates on the calendar, both the Gregorian and Jewish, forever retain significance. Birthdays are one and wedding anniversaries are another. In Israel, September...

Where’s the brown sugar?

My late father taught me many things: how to write, how to drive in the snow, and how to be a caring father. He didn’t teach me how to cook.

Wasting time worrying about time wasting

The days I spent in yeshiva in Israel after graduating college were not overly memorable.

The Wife’s sweet 60th

So there we were: The Wife’s 60th birthday was creeping up, and not only did I not know what to buy, I did not know what to do. I asked my kids, but — being blessed...

Jews sure know how to have fun

I found myself in New York for a few hours recently on the tail end of a trip that included talking to various groups about the situation in Israel, when an old friend...

Confessions of one who hates to shop

I don’t like shopping. 
That’s an understatement. I hate shopping. I hate grocery shopping and clothes shopping.

Leaves, Steve and Karen

An American Jewish grandfather struggled with the Yiddish and Hebrew names of his grandchildren.


It’s not that often that I’m able to see my spouse in action professionally. The Wife is a psychotherapist and mindfulness instructor. So the chances of seeing her...

Fitting in through watching soccer

I’m not from the big cursers. Sure, an imprecation or two might slip out when a car cuts me off on the road (hopefully when the children are not riding with me). A...

My Sephardi, Ashkenazi, Ethiopian minyan

The World Health Organization may not have sounded the all-clear sign, the Health Ministry may still be on alert, and some people may still be getting sick, but in my...