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Who are the people of faith?

Who are the people of faith? A reflection on shmita.

In the killing of a journalist, and the disruption of her funeral, Israel faces tough questions

In the killing of a journalist, and the disruption of her funeral, Israel faces tough questions. Even tougher is the deafness to the answers.

Mob justice

The death of a journalist in the line of duty is tragic. The death of Shireen Abu Akleh, caught in the crossfire in Jenin, is tragic.

Prisons. Rehab centers. Schools. Social media. Deadly weapons.

We enjoyed a reprieve — but it was oh so short. During the first year of the pandemic, a certain event was notably absent: mass shootings.

Reflections on Roe

The news that Roe v. Wade may be overturned has caused me to reflect on and reassess some of my values and political positions.

We’ve been cutting hair on Lag b’Omer for centuries

Lag b’Omer is one of those minor holidays that we all tend to be a little confused by. Bonfires? Weddings? Concerts? Haircuts?

Everyone’s priesthood

Perhaps the most universal wellspring in the Torah — the teaching that grips all good people ever since the time of Aaron the High Priest — is the priesthood,...

Harvard Crimson embraces BDS — journalistic kleptomania

Some newspapers welcomed Hitler. Now, some welcome a new hatred.

Imagine a world without Israel

Despite long odds and predictions of Israel’s doom in 1948, the genius, and the blood, sweat, tears and toil, of the Jewish people allowed the state to prevail and...

Ignored: the naivete behind a fossil fuel free economy

If we were to believe the opponents of fossil fuels, the Messiah will be just around the corner once the world frees itself of its dependence on oil and gas. Climate...