Sunday, December 10, 2023 -
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Where am I this Chanukah?

Are the lights on the Chanukah menorah like speech or like silence? Do they open up our minds and souls to the meaning of the evil that has surrounded us, the Jewish...

The Chanukah lights

The adjective that most describes the Jewish people today — resilient — is repeated again and again. As the State of Israel 
now witnesses its greatest military...

They are worried that we are worried

With two sons who have spent a good part of the last month fighting Hamas in Gaza, another bouncing between battling Hezbollah in the North and preparing to enter Gaza...

How to lose friends and not influence people

It won’t surprise anyone reading this that we are free speech advocates. An American newspaper wouldn’t have it any other way. While the “free” part of free...

On Chanukah, dispel the darkness

Those two words of greeting seem so out of place right now, like words that collide with a context, a reality — our reality that wails anything but “Happy...

UN — to what purpose?

The UN — and the international community as a whole — have crossed the Rubicon. Forget, for a minute, that Israel is the only country in the world privileged to see...

A few dollars to spare

When Black Lives Matters protests took place across the country, including here in Denver, causing, incidentally, the same kind of barricading of civil spaces that the...

Forced to watch

Avigail three years old when kidnapped, four by the time she returned home to Israel, came back without her pink floral pacifier.

The backstairs door into the evil of Gaza

What is the truth about life in Gaza between 2005, when Israel withdrew unilaterally, and Oct. 7, 2023? Two phrases answer the question.


As the news and videos of hostages being released started coming in, I was surprised to find myself depressed.