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Restoring tikkun olam to the rainbow

“To redress the grievances of those who are abandoned and alone, to protect the dignity of the poor, and to save the oppressed from the hands of his oppressor.”

Guess who shouldn’t be coming to dinner?

Guess who shouldn’t be coming to dinner? If you answered Kanye (“Ye”) West and Nick Fuentes, ding ding ding! Right answer!

Noncomputer-based genealogical resources

A guide to non-digital educational resources.

X-ray spectroscopy, for a genius consult

Genius defies explanation. The forensic analysis of Vermeer’s paintings yields gorgeous insights — but not an explanation. Follow the logic through and you will also...

Soldier shamed, civilian slapped

An IDF soldier on duty in Hebron slapped an Israeli civilian. This soldier is now up for censure. He has been suspended from his duties. Jail is possibly on the table.

Aurora has the right idea

Aurora City Council, at the behest of Mayor Mike Coffman, is working on a plan for a campus to house and provide social services for the homeless in Colorado’s third...

Are you not entertained?

On a summer night in 2000, my friend and I bade farewell on a platform in Zurich’s train station. She was taking the night train to Rome; I to Paris. […]

What was the dispute between Jacob and Esau?

Did Jacob steal Esau’s birthright (Genesis 25:25-34)? If so why does the Bible hold up Jacob, not Esau, as the paradigm of truth?

Nothing new to say, but it all bears repeating

After Club Q, nothing new to say, but it all bears repeating.

Compton, Oh Compton

People of the Book, yes. But which one? Encyclopedia Britannica? World Book?