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A gift

I have the good fortune to share a birthday with one of the great poets, Robert Burns. The reason I say good fortune is because Burns’ birthday is no mere date on the...

The most meaningful Passover yet

A Colorado lawmaker recalled the Gestapo as he objected to the rules that have almost all of us confined to our homes. The comparison is ignorant. In 2020, unlike in...

Dying alone

Ma Nishtana? How is this night different from all other nights? This year, the refrain might be, “How is this Passover different than all other Passovers?” In every...

Kudos: Rabbi Leban

Leadership When a teacher can educate and inspire students, that’s a job well done, and the teacher deserves respect. When a teacher goes beyond the classroom, and...

Kudos: Honorees just the same

Community Dinners Postponed — We Mark The Honorees Here The coronavirus outbreak and the resulting cancellation of, well, just about everything came just as the Denver...

When the Spanish flu arrived in the Holy Land

Adapted from an article by Amit Naor, National Library of Israel “Avoid crowded gatherings in closed places; avoid contact with others as much as possible, don’t...

Passover is Passover

Nothing is the same. The seders won’t be the same. Shopping for Passover is not the same. Some aspects of cleaning and preparing for Passover are not the same....

Suddenly, an illumination on Holocaust resistance

The coronavirus is a teacher in unexpected ways, illuminating seemingly unrelated matters. Why did the Jews entrapped in the Holocaust not fight back against the Nazis?...

Where the coronavirus isn’t top priority

Remember Iran? We would hardly be surprised if Iran is exploiting the worldwide diversion of attention from everything but the coronavirus to advance its pursuit of a...

‘How will we get through this?’

Howwill we get through this? Wrong question. But I need my mother for the seder. Or: I lost my deposit for Pesach at the hotel. Or: I have nowhere to go for seder. Wrong...


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