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Israel: Was it right to cease fire?

 — Avigdor Liberman resigned as defense minister of Israel on Wednesday, Nov. 14, over a cease-fire with Palestinian terrorist groups — a ...


Alyssa Milano refuses to speak at Women's March

YORK — Actress and activist Alyssa Milano said she won’t speak at the next Women’s March if it is organized by ...


Discover pumpkin's Sephardic roots

By Emily Paster, The Nosher autumn progresses and the High Holidays fade into the distance, many Americans Jews turn their attention to ...



Mel Bernstein making his offer on a KOAA news report. (YouTube screenshot)

In Colorado Springs, free guns for rabbis

Bernstein, owner of Dragonland near Colorado Springs, trains neophyte gun owners how to...

Todays Life

Rabbi Meir Simon with some of his Cteeners.

Meet the ‘Meir’ of south suburbs’ Jewish teens

2015, Rabbi Meir Simon moved to Highlands Ranch to “step into the gap” left when...


A little back scratching in the natural comforts of the Wild Animal Sanctuary.

Wild Animal Sanctuary acquires 9,000 new acres to deal with ‘surplus’

‘Surplus’ says that every good idea is already taken? A young person just starting...


48 Ways to Acquire the Torah: Way #28

Pirkei Avot, “Ethics of the Fathers,” states in chapter 6:6: “The Torah is acquired...


Discover pumpkin’s Sephardic roots

By Emily Paster, The Nosher As autumn progresses and the High Holidays fade into the...


Rebecca Saltzman

VIP New Faces: Rebecca Saltzman

March, 1986, this reporter interviewed Gary and Judy Saltzman who were presidents,...