Sunday, September 19, 2021 -
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Chaim Goldberg

Chaim M. Goldberg is a graduate student at The Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

    Jokic’s #JewishEthics

    History was made when Nikola Jokic of the Denver Nuggets became the lowest draft pick to ever win the NBA MVP award. Consider: More than 60% of all MVP winners

    IJN exclusive: Aryeh Lightstone, former senior advisor in Jerusalem embassy, speaks

    How does a Jewish boy from Denver go on to become one of the most powerful, if underrated, influencers of US Mideast policy? Who was the right-hand man of a primary...

    Report from the Israel that Americans never see

    walked into the synagogue, as I have on hundreds of other Friday nights throughout my life. Except this time, I was quickly approached by an elderly man wielding a...

    What I saw in Israel during war

    THERE are many good reasons for a Jew to spend time in the Land of Israel, some of them religiously oriented, some social, others historical. There is an entirely...