Tuesday, October 4, 2022 -
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Fifty Holocausts and fifty raises

Standing next to the German chancellor, no less, Mahmoud Abbas said that Israel committed “50 Holocausts” against the Palestinians.

Slow cooker salvation

I’ve transformed into a veritable queen of the crock pot, a savant of the slow cooker.

Turkey and Israel’s critical step to regional stability

Just 35 years ago, no one foresaw diplomatic relations between Israel and seven Muslim countries.

Another Passion Play

Worlds collide in unlikely ways. Such as when I read that the American Jewish Committee gave its Isaiah Award for Exemplary Interreligious Leadership to Christian...

From the archives…August 16, 1929

From the archives: An Intermountain Jewish News from 1929 reports on the 25th anniversary of JCRS, the Jewish Consumptives' Relief Society.

Nuisance lawsuit

As Coloradans, we have a lot of people to be proud of. Tina Peters isn’t one of them.

The attempted murder of Salman Rushdie

The attempted murder of Salman Rushdie is a hard reminder that US leaders still fail to see Iran for what it is: an ideology bent on our destruction.

Polio? What, again?

The news that polio is circulating in New York is deeply disturbing, most obviously because polio is a highly infectious viral disease that can leave its victims...

Luxuriate in the harvest

Life’s little pleasures come from the fields.

Musings on the end of saying Kaddish

The 12-month journey of mourning one’s parents begins, to paraphrase Chairman Mao, with a single prayer.