Thursday, June 8, 2023 -
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The Sacklers keep their money, not their reputation

The Sackler family forgot Pirkei Avot, “A good name excelleth them all” (4:17). The generators of the opioid epidemic get to keep their billions in personal wealth....

If the ayatollahs go, the nuclear pursuit will remain

Iran has changed, but not necessarily in a way that matches Western logic. It's not certain that a liberal democracy would emerge if the ayatollahs lose their power.

70 and 30

One century. That’s the combined contribution of two Denver Jewish day schools — Hillel Academy and Denver Academy of Torah — that recently marked major...

Not on the criminal record

A bill being contemplated in New York state that would erase a person’s criminal record after a few years of crime-free life has a major flaw: it only looks at the...

Golden Nuggets

“I don’t get no respect,” Jewish comedian Rodney Dangerfield’s catch phrase, could have been that of the Denver Nuggets. But as our hometown team, for the first...

Forty years too late, and off target besides

Israel wakes up to the need for intensive Jewish education in the Diaspora. The lesser mistake in this well intentioned proposal is the object of the funding: teacher...

Nakba in the US Congress

When people like Rashida Tlaib and Bernie Sanders host a nakba event in the US Congress, call it out for what it is: one more expression of the world’s oldest hatred.

America celebrating Jews; Jews celebrating America

May is American Jewish Heritage Month, a time to acknowledge and reflect on the important role that Jewish Americans have played in the history of this country.

Getting passed the jokes in Affaire Jokic, where’s the fairness?

Imagine our surprise, one might even say our delight, when we realized that the unmalleable “fan” from whom Jokic was attempting to wrest the basketball was no less...

climate action

It is good to see the Jewish community becoming active in the climate question.