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Shana Goldberg

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How serious is the infection?

In my New Year prayer I mentioned receiving a game stick from my favorite hockey player. The story behind it is a great example of how sports can elevate the spirit and...

Iran to Los Angeles to Seattle to Denver — via the IJN

How did a Persian Muslim find himself at a Shabbat table in Seattle? It started in Los Angeles, with an endodontist from Denver — and with the IJN the unexpected go...

America’s monarch?

Why do I find myself deeply saddened by the Queen’s death?

Dangerous advice

At a South High assembly during the first week of school, students were presented a video purportedly to help them react to racist incidents.

The lost art of letter writing

Traitor King, a biography about Edward VIII, the Mitford Sisters, and Abraham Lincoln — and how they connect to the lost art of letter writing.

Another Passion Play

Worlds collide in unlikely ways. Such as when I read that the American Jewish Committee gave its Isaiah Award for Exemplary Interreligious Leadership to Christian...

Nuisance lawsuit

As Coloradans, we have a lot of people to be proud of. Tina Peters isn’t one of them.

Check your bags

Last Thursday, WNBA player — and American citizen — Brittney Griner was sentenced to nine years in prison — in Russia — for drug possession and smuggling.


The genealogy adventure can lead to all kinds of unforeseen places. Cold trails can become warm, or even hot, like the discovery of a new relative.

On Twitter, often facts don’t matter

When it comes to politics, social media gets a bad rap. Its algorithms have been proven to sow controversy, which inevitably leads to bitter discourse. The smuggest...