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Shana Goldberg

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Subzero — no complaints

Subzero temperatures like the ones we’ve been experiencing transport me to the New York-Canadian border in the 1860s and the winter of 1880-1881 in the Dakota...

Curious, not spurious, George

When I saw John Darkow’s political cartoon I was simultaneously impressed and upset. In the Columbia Missourian, Darkow cleverly transformed one of my favorite...

‘The Dropout’

Is this the paradox of getting old? On one hand, events that feel like they occurred yesterday happened years ago. On the other hand, it’s hard to remember when...

International Jewish Sports Hall of Fame, class of ‘23

Broadcaster Chris Berman and a German Jew who once said hockey “saved me and my family from the Holocaust” are among the International Jewish Sports Hall of Fame’s...

Over medicated — but alive!

Modern medicine is miraculous. I was among the millions of people watching Monday Night Football last week, Jan. 2, when a terrifying scene took place. Damar Hamlin, a...

Out of the echo chamber

Working in the media, I get a lot of newsletters. While I’ve signed up for some, many find their way to my inbox uninvited. But that doesn’t necessarily mean I...

My best books of 2022

Ever since I came across the “50 Books a Year” club, I’ve made an effort to hit the target. As I know many of you are book readers, I thought I’d share my best...

Musk meltdown

So much for free speech absolutism. Like other narcissists who come into power, Elon Musk’s ideals met a brick wall when he was in the media’s headlights.

Optimistic children!

Thank goodness for the artwork of the creative and optimistic children who submitted their entries to the IJN Chanukah Coloring Contest.

Are you not entertained?

On a summer night in 2000, my friend and I bade farewell on a platform in Zurich’s train station. She was taking the night train to Rome; I to Paris. […]