Saturday, June 3, 2023 -
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Tackling chronic insomnia with high-tech devices — not pills

The Sleep Foundation estimates that between 10 and 30% of American adults struggle with chronic insomnia. For older adults, the rate jumps to as high as 48%.

Can Julia the seal bring about world peace?

For most of a week, Israel’s latest unlikely celebrity lounged on the Jaffa beach, drawing throngs of onlookers, constant media attention and round-the-clock...

Israel to invest $40 million in American day schools

Citing “a major crisis in Jewish education,” Israel’s Diaspora ministry plans to pour about $40 million into training educators at Jewish schools in the US and...

Death of cultural icons leaves gaping holes on the Israeli left

The Israeli left experienced two symbolic blows when two cultural titans died within days of each other. Meir Shalev, an eminent novelist, and Yehonatan Geffen, a...

Right-wing protesters support judicial reform

A right-wing protest brought some 200,000 people to Jerusalem’s streets on April 27 to demonstrate in favor of the government’s judicial reform.

Federations stands by decision to invite Netanyahu to GA

The umbrella group of Jewish federations defended its decision to invite Benjamin Netanyahu to its conference in Tel Aviv next week, while praising the protesters who...

A different Israel-Iran encounter

Today, Homayoun not only does not hate Israel, but he is in near daily contact on social media with many Israelis he calls friends.

Israelis key players in mission to Jupiter

Israeli innovation is participating in a mission to Jupiter scheduled for launch this week as the Jewish state sends its first-ever complete electronic system to deep...

Malka Leifer finally meets justice

Malka Leifer, a former principal at an Australian school for Orthodox girls has been convicted on 18 counts of abusing students.

Prepping for Passover at the Wall

While Jews around the world are preparing for the upcoming Passover holiday, engineers at the Western Wall spent Tuesday morning, March 28, getting the holy site ready...