Monday, January 17, 2022 -
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Tehilla R. Goldberg

IJN columnist | View from Central Park

    The carpenter’s chair

    As a little girl, something in this song pulled at my heartstrings. The song was called “Al Kapav,” “He Shall Bring Forth With His Own Palms,” and was written by...

    Second ‘firsts’

    The firsts of our lives impact us with emotional power unlike any other experience that follows, even if it is an experience in the same vein as the first one.

    Complex legacy

    Desmond Tutu’s death is neither about me nor about the Jewish People. And yet, his life and words impacted me as a Jewish woman. He called my people, the Jewish...

    Tea time with ‘Tea-hilla’

    The other Shabbat, as the host uncorked a bottle of wine, the guest who had brought it began remarking upon its quality after she began sipping the wine. “It’s bold...

    Devastation in Kentucky

    The images from the tornadoes that hit Kentucky, are devastating.

    A Great Miracle Happened Here

    When I lived in Jerusalem, after sitting by the Chanukah candles I lit in my own apartment, it was a special pleasure to wend my way through the narrow and beautiful...

    Dreamer . . . fighter

    Eliyahu (Eli) Kay was shot by fire in the Old City of Jerusalem, for being a Jew, as he was on his way to pray at the Wailing Wall.

    Modeh Ani

    There are so many versions of Thanksgiving. Each family crafts its own traditions and rituals. For some, the rituals are etched in stone and altering them would be...

    Gorgeous silent music awaits

    For some time now, one of my dreams has been to go see the Northern Lights. One day I’ll get there. I cannot wait to see the wonders of the world, the Northern Lights...

    Torah desecration is a warning shot

    I’ve always felt especially connected to the safrut, the uniquely beautiful calligraphy of Torah scrolls.