Thursday, December 8, 2022 -
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Tehilla Goldberg
Tehilla R. Goldberg

IJN columnist | View from Central Park

    Soldier shamed, civilian slapped

    An IDF soldier on duty in Hebron slapped an Israeli civilian. This soldier is now up for censure. He has been suspended from his duties. Jail is possibly on the table.

    One day, truly, Back to the Future

    I was first smitten with him as Alex P. Keaton, then as Marty McFly. Only afterward did I learn his real name, Michael J. Fox.

    Not just a nut case here, a nut case there

    It’s interesting, as the world analyzes whether Kanye West’s (Ye’s) outbursts do or do not constitute anti-Semitism, the (sadly) routine shul emails about...

    They slip, morph and unfold

    There is just something about that brilliant colored fall foliage that is so calming and beautiful. It gets me every year, every season, anew.


    I don’t remember exactly at one point in my life I started paying attention to the weather, appreciating weather changes and patterns, with a special affinity for...

    In all its grooves, ridges and creases

    I see sukkah after sukkah, and so many of them are so very beautiful. I inherited my eye and appreciation for beauty from my mother’s aesthetic eye and her...

    The unexpected Miami Boys mania

    Could we please discuss how insane and utterly hilarious the explosive Miami Boys Choir (MBC) situation is?

    Holy and fragile days of judgment and mercy

    It is interesting how Rosh Hashanah is such an intense time, highlighting the fragility of life, a day immersed in contemplating existential dread — yet somehow, as...

    Mortality and majesty

    As we drove on the dark winding Maroon Creek Road, flanked by the elegantly delicate and shivering aspens, sunrise was approaching ever closer.

    Tangible taste of the season

    With Rosh Hashanah approaching, honey cake baking season is upon us. I know, it’s a controversial topic. Honey cake — hate it, or love it?