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New York Times article gave us the what, but not the why

Here’s what The New York Times exposé of education standards in the chasidic community missed: There are reasons why ethnic communities choose to stay insular. This...

Lesson from Sweden

As we look to October and election season hitting its full stride, we have a plea to lawmakers and civil society — stop making every issue political and remember that...

IJN Staff Prayers 5783

Intermountain Jewish News staff share prayers ahead of the Jewish New Year, 5783.

Could the US have saved more Jews from the Nazis?

Even taking into account all the limitations, the US could and should have done so much more.

Gorbachev — you’d think he’d grown up like Abe Lincoln

Gorbachev's American style led to his society’s freedom and to his own political demise.

Saving and reclaiming spiritual homes in the West

When Jewish pioneers ventured into the Western United States — parts of it still the “Wild West” — they often started new Jewish communities by building...

125-year denial

The heart of the Palestinian opposition to Israel: opposition to a Jewish presence anywhere, of any size, of any strength, in the Holy Land.

Unnoticed costs of the Ukraine war

Perhaps the ultimate irony of war is that the soldiers who lose it don’t know they’ve lost it. They die before the ultimate outcome is known.

Fifty Holocausts and fifty raises

Standing next to the German chancellor, no less, Mahmoud Abbas said that Israel committed “50 Holocausts” against the Palestinians.

Turkey and Israel’s critical step to regional stability

Just 35 years ago, no one foresaw diplomatic relations between Israel and seven Muslim countries.