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Hostage taking in Texas — an American Muslim leader’s hateful words

Zahara Billoo, American Muslim activist: ‘ . . . I am not going to sugarcoat it, they [ADL, federations, Zionist synagogues, Hillel] are your enemies . . . ’ Words...

‘What happened to us?’ Check: public schools

The implications of a 46% success rate in Denver Public Schools.

Sally Steele Metzger, 1929-2021

The passing of Sally Steele Metzger left behind not only a loving family and many admirers in the community organizations she was active in and the many entertainment...

Sir Isaiah’s 156-word sentence

Is it possible to write a 156-word sentence in English that is even coherent, let alone flowing, alluring, expressive? Is it possible to put this many words in a single...

Ten years sends the wrong message from Gov. Polis

A truck driver kills four people due to negligence. Polis commutes his sentence to potentially less than two years per death.

A horrific year for Boulder, but there are lessons to be learned

‘Density,’ a shibboleth as much as a plan, has consequences all too plainly and tragically on display in the Marshall and Middle Fork fires.

Cruel pedagogy — not a goal for public schools

If a reenactment of Hitler is to be instituted, whose conscience does this soothe? Not elementary school children’s.

Turn hope into action

Do you remember what everyone was saying a year ago today? Things like “2021 is bound to be better than 2020.” Well, here we are on the cusp of 2022 […]

In abstaining on UNRWA at the UN, the US is pushing peace away

UNRWA, despite its name, is not a ‘relief’ effort. It is a political, anti-peace effort.

The Olympics: Biden got it right. Macron got it wrong.

China and the IOC are morally bankrupt. The Biden administration calls a spade a spade.