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Israel at 76: A difficult but definitive year forward for Israel

Those who view this past year as terrible for Israel might wish to recall the view a year ago. On Israel’s 75th anniversary, the learned commentators said that Israel...

Will the real President Biden please stand up?

President Biden's 180-degree turns are leading to a crisis in confidence for many American Jews. It’s becoming impossible to disentangle Biden’s professed  deep...

There is no academic freedom

Once the pride of American society, academia, or much of it, has squandered its reputation and stature. Putting aside the abysmal moral unclarity of the presidents of...

The worst

The worst element in the anti-Israel demonstrations and mobs is the refusal to engage.

Eric Adams steps up. Biden and Trump could take a lesson

It is not enough to condemn anti-Semitism. The message has to be unambiguous. New York City Mayor Eric Adams speaks without ambiguity; he speaks with action.

Do not gaslight us — we know what we saw, what we heard

Anti-Israel activists would have you believe that “protesters” calling for Israel’s destruction on university campuses are merely exercising their free speech...

Elaine Kaplan

The obituary notice for Emily Rose Kaplan originally of Nashville, Tenn., published in Denver's Intermountain Jewish News.

There is no ‘day after’

The day after” the end of the war in Gaza . . . countless things will happen and will need to happen. But there is not going to be a “day after.” The rebuilding...

What is a reader to think?

Communist and Nazi distortions were so blatant as to be transparent. The current distortions become more widely believed because they can be mixed in with facts.

Top: Pro-Israel rally at the Colorado State Capitol, Oct. 15, 2023. Bottom, l-r: Krista Boscoe, Dr. Ivan Geller

Kudos: Praiseworthy Jewish community figures

Every year the IJN salutes people known or obscure who bring freedom into our lives. Passover, with its message of gratitude to G-d for our freedom, is the appropriate...