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Essie Perlmutter’s eight decades of art

is the “Essence of Essie?” Devoted community leader? Gracious matriarch of an esteemed family? Proud West Sider? Don’t overlook: Lifelong artist! Essie...

In Frisco, Jews gather at Backcountry Bayit

snow season arrives in Summit County, the sights, sounds and scents are unmistakable — the gentle schuss of skiers and snowboarders zooming down the slopes, the pines...

Rhythm & Ruach

you ever seen a little kid start to move when he or she hears upbeat music or a rhythmic beat? Young children, including infants, just inherently move to music and...

Michelle and Hannah Hepner

Gifts of life

 December, 2017, Hannah Hepner performed with a special needs cheerleading team at the state high school cheerleading championship. Everything was fine — until it...

Dr. Herzl Melmed, ready to ride

You’re 80? Meet Dr. Herzl Melmed

first question of the interview — “What is it with you and bicycles?” — makes Dr. Herzl Melmed laugh. Whippet-thin, agile and looking far more fit than his 80...

The new Boulder JCC on Oreg Ave.

What a year for the Boulder JCC

By Raphael Bein in the entryway of the new Boulder JCC is impressive. The modern building is as vast as it is pleasing to the eye, and it is clear that a great deal of...

An Avanim Adventures whitewater rafting trip.

Get off the couch — and into the wilderness

By Raphael Bein Adventures seeks to bring Jews out of their home and into the wilderness, organizing camping and wilderness excursions that accommodate traditional laws...

The Rubins: Julie, Noah, Rick, Lila (Eric Stephenson)

Generations of Mitzvahs

Bar and Bat Mitzvah of twins Lila and Noah Rubin was a nod to five generations of their family who have lived and practiced Judaism in Colorado. It was also a reflection...

Clockwise, from upper left: Dr. Ellen Elias, Brooke Berry Soltanovich, Dr. Bronwen Kahn, Steven Senft

The importance of genetic screening

Senft, development director for Judaism Your Way, was born in Bogota, Colombia. He moved to Denver with his wife Daniela Loeble, a native Israeli from a Peruvian family,...

Sol Gins, bottom row, second from left, with fellow B-17 crewmen in 1944.

How Littleton’s Sol Gins saved his crew on a B-17 bomber

Gins doesn’t remember the exact date or even the country his B-17 bomber was flying over. But he knows that his “Flying Fortress” was flying at somewhere between...


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