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Best hikes in Israel’s north

Israeli summers are hot all over. So, if you’re planning on hiking, a shady forest or a wild river stream might be your most comfortable options.

Ozzie Sladek: ‘Escape to the Tatras’

Chris Leppek reviews Escape to the Tatras, Ozzie Sladek's memoir of surviving the Holocaust.

190 countries for Peres documentary

Longtime Israeli politician Shimon Peres was a self-described dreamer, no matter the obstacle (or “challenge,” as optimists like to say).

‘Hallelujah’ documentary explores Cohen’s opus

Leonard Cohen wrote around 150 verses to “Hallelujah,” or so the scholars claim.

Jerusalem: monumental architecture

“Designing new buildings in Jerusalem is unlike building in any other city in the world. You are surrounded by the stones of walls and buildings from thousands of...

Mosaic center aims to unite mixed city

A little more than a year ago, Arab rioters smashed the glass façade of the Shelby White and Leon Levy Lod Mosaic Archaeological Center in the Arab rioting that...

Andy Statman Trio traverses Klezmer, bluegrass, jazz

The Brooklyn-based godfather of Klezmer music was in Denver to perform at JEWISHcolorado’s Come Together annual event, as part of the Andy Statman Trio, comprised of...

Agam Museum: Unique, colorful, kinetic

There’s only one museum in Israel dedicated to a sole living artist — the Yaacov Agam Museum in Rishon Letzion. Agam is so prolific and his work so striking that...

Top dog of kosher pop art

By Lisa Keys, New York Jewish Week Award-winning Jewish artist Steve Marcus, 50, has made a career creating artwork for publications like Rolling Stone, The New York...

Wander among the ancients at Bet She’arim

Remnants of an ancient city, of mysterious inscriptions, caves and catacombs, not to mention gorgeous scenery—all are to be found in Bet She’arim, one of Israel’s...