Thursday, December 8, 2022 -
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Rigged elections? An anti-case study in Colorado

Rigged elections? An anti-case study in Colorado — it would have taken very little to rig the Boebert-Frisch race.

One day, truly, Back to the Future

I was first smitten with him as Alex P. Keaton, then as Marty McFly. Only afterward did I learn his real name, Michael J. Fox.

Are Israel’s courts in danger?

Netanyahu and his likely coalition partners want to change Israel’s court system.


Without fail, in all the years I lived overseas, Thanksgiving dinner was a must.

From the archives: Thanksgiving

An exploration of Thanksgiving through the IJN archives.

The memories never fade

Memories of IJN publisher and Denver media personality Max Goldberg on the 50th yahrzeit of his death.

Election Denial 2.0

Blessed be the election experts. Heisenberg thought he devised the uncertainty principle? The election experts have given him a run for his money, certainly so.

The thanks that keeps on giving

Thanksgiving Day will last only 24 hours and much of that time will be spent consuming the feast or watching a football game or reconnecting with relatives. There simply...

It all started with a blue check mark

If you were looking for lessons in how to invest badly, Elon Musk is Exhibit A. Not only has he risked Twitter’s viability, his ineptitude has cost other companies...

Reckless endangerment

Reckless endangerment. That’s President Biden’s policy on Iran.