Sunday, September 24, 2023 -
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Ten measures of beauty, of fragility, of hope

It’s been a special prelude to Rosh Hashanah for me. A first since I had moved from Israel 16 years ago. There I was again, steeped in the approach to Rosh Hashanah in...

Having fun

Michael Staenberg’s philanthropy is a form of taking pride in your work, because, for Michael, he’s right there doing the work, too; and guaranteeing it’s done to...

Who is holding up a two-state solution?

With the backdrop of Palestinian terrorism, Saudi Arabia knows it cannot realistically demand concessions of Israel on the Palestinian issue.

Republican JV squad squanders opportunity

Now that the Republican B-List debate is in the books, it is time to take note of the fundamental problem facing the GOP in this election cycle: its voters.

‘Hijackings’ — by whom? of what?

In a Sept. 5 report, NPR fails to include Israeli concerns with regards to the attempt by Israel and the US to reach an agreement that would ease travel for Israeli...

Collective amnesia

Does dissociative amnesia — when a person blocks out traumatic experiences — also exist on the collective, societal level?

Mainly, Yom Kippur is not about forgiveness

The goal of the High Holidays is not to apologize or to be granted forgiveness. The goal of the High Holiday season is to return to G-d, to return to our friends, family...

Off the shelf

Finally, my years long search is over. 
 It was a little random book I had never forgotten from my childhood that I was looking for.

Two people who don’t know how to talk, one who does

Two people who don’t know how to talk: Itamar Ben Gvir, Israel’s national security minister, and Pope Francis; and one who does: New York City Mayor Eric Adams.

Historic landing

When the need for something become imperative, you are forced to find ways of getting it done — on the emergency landing in Saudi Arabia.