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The genealogy adventure can lead to all kinds of unforeseen places. Cold trails can become warm, or even hot, like the discovery of a new relative.

Nine Days

Bad times. Exiles. Expulsions. Synagogues burned. People burned. Crematoria. Auto-ds-fé. Inquisition. The death marches. The Temples burned. On and on.

19 Arab righteous gentiles

We know that there was an Arab pogrom in Hebron, Palestine in 1929. We know that 67 Jews were axed and otherwise done to death in cold blood — more accurately, that...

Palestine v. the United States of America in the International Court of Justice

“Palestine” is suing the United States in the International Court of Justice. The case is “Palestine v. United States of America.”

Three weeks . . . Nine days

After COVID kept me away from Israel for two-and-a-half years, the feeling of finally having the opportunity to return has been wonderful.

On Twitter, often facts don’t matter

When it comes to politics, social media gets a bad rap. Its algorithms have been proven to sow controversy, which inevitably leads to bitter discourse. The smuggest...

From the archives…July 25, 1958

"From the Archives:" The IJN looks back on this date in 1958.

From the archives…July 21, 1939

"From the Archives:" The IJN looks back on this date in 1939.


Split|screen. Saudi Arabia has a terrible human rights record, and is called out for it. President Biden is right to do so, even as he valiantly tries to balance his...

Biden’s gift to Palestinian healthcare doesn’t heal the sick, it enables the murderers

If Biden is serious about fighting anti-Semitism, let him start with the Palestinian Authority’s.