Monday, June 1, 2020 -
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US charities continue Israel support

By Larry Luxner NEW YORK — Some 200 Israeli foster children with emotional and physical needs are riding out the coronavirus pandemic at the Ahava Children and Youth...

What does growing scrutiny of China mean for Israel?

By Ariel Ben Solomon Growing calls for an investigation into China’s handling and possible coverup of the coronavirus outbreak have observers debating the potential...

Kibbutz Lavi retools for remote Judaism

By Nathan Jeffay With synagogues shut, a kibbutz has started working on a solution for the new world of cyber-prayer: a home ark for rabbis to use in their webcam...

In Israel: from missiles to ventilators

By Yaakov Lappin JERUSALEM — In ordinary times, Israel Aerospace Industry’s Systems Missiles Space group churns out advanced missiles, including interceptors used by...

Arad gets a new lease on life with new mayoral leadership

heard the expression, “Why reinvent the wheel?” When Nisan Ben Hamo returned to his hometown after IDF, college and early career, he found he needed to do just that....

How coronavirus affects Jewish businesses

By Faygie Holt Fashion designer Breezy (she goes by her first name only) had it all planned out. In order to get her spring clothing line to stores for the upcoming...

Zhug is spicing up Ukraine economy

TAIROVE, Ukraine — For a couple of days each week, the Black Sea breeze carries the aroma of cilantro across this town near Odessa. The smell blends nicely with the...

Millions in Israeli cybersecurity contracts

CHANUKAH 5780 SECTION B PAGE 3 By Yaakov Lappin The cyber threat posed by Israel’s enemies to the country’s critical infrastructure and other key targets is high,...

Smoked salmon purveyor is also a Brexit politician

ROSH HASHANAH EDITION 5780 SECTION B PAGE 8 LONDON — Twenty years ago, this city’s oldest maker of smoked salmon endured a series of catastrophes that convinced its...

Amira Aharonovich

First female CEO of Jewish Agency speaks

By Noa Amouyal JERUSALEM — Amira Aharonovich, the Jewish Agency’s new CEO and director general, is the first woman to hold this position. And while she says she...


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