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Ancestral Discovery

Ancestral given (first) names

When doing family research, first — or given — names can also be perplexing.

Name that ancestor

For Jewish genealogists, names are one of the most challenging aspects of finding our ancestors.

Genealogy software helps organize your work

About creating online family trees: genealogy software can be a tremendous help in keeping your work organized.

Planting your family tree

Previously, I talked about organizing your genealogical documents, photos, stories and other materials and passing them on to future generations. One of the most...

Making sure your family history survives

As I watched the horrific Marshall Fire spread just five miles from me, I couldn’t help but think not only of the human suffering, but also those irreplaceable pieces...

Don’t agonize — organize!

There’s a political adage: “Don’t agonize — organize!” This applies to genealogy, too. We often agonize over our unorganized, growing mountain of “stuff,”...

Getting those records is a journey

I previously presented the different kinds of documents that might have captured your ancestors, and where you might find them.

Deciphering census records

First a correction: Last month I implied that immigrants who didn’t want to become citizens don’t have immigration records. Actually, ship manifests — which are...

From whence came our ancestors?

I will not address the politics of immigration here, although there are intersections of Jewish immigration and politics. Instead, I’ll focus on our ancestors’...

DNA testing — the best part

Recap: Part 1 discussed why to do a DNA test. Part 2 about how and where to test. Part 3 delved who to test and the two other genealogical DNA […]