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From the Archives: Historical rhymes

Oct. 7 hasn’t left much headspace for meandering trips down memory lane. In fact, we haven’t published a From the Archives post since September. Current events...

From the archives: Yom Kippur War

Fifty years ago next week war broke out in Israel. It was the holiest day in the Jewish calendar and the country was caught unawares.


9 Jewish things about pomegranates

pomegranate has become synonymous with Rosh Hashanah. Images of the fruit are mainstays of Rosh Hashanah cards, Jewish jewelry and a range of Jewish ritual objects, and...

From the archives: Israel re-born

One of the best things about a visit to the IJN archives is that you never know where you’ll end up. Example: Intending to write a post about this year’s summer...

From the archives: The Colorado Jewish Indian

Have you heard of the Colorado Jewish Indian who fought in an 1868 battle near Wray? Neither had we! OK, he wasn’t actually an Indian, the headline in the July 26,...

From the Archives: Marking milestones

Ahead of the publication of its 110th Anniversary Magazine, the Intermountain Jewish News peruses its archives to see how earlier anniversaries were marked, particularly...

What do kibbitz, babble, brouhaha have in common?

When you kibbitz with your friends, does your babble ever lead to a big brouhaha? English words with Jewish linguistic origins.

From the archives: The original Denver Nuggets

A search through the IJN archives on Parade Day celebrating the 2022-2023 Denver Nuggets NBA championships reveals a forgotten earlier iteration of the Denver Nuggets.

From the archives: D-Day

Seventy-nine years after D-Day, a search through the IJN archives for how Denver Jewry recognized the Allied invasion of Europe.

56 years since the reunification of Jerusalem

On the 28th of Iyar in 1967, during the Six Day War, Jerusalem was reunited under Israeli sovereignty after years of Jordanian rule. Since then, this historic day, today...