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Can the dead hear the living?

Can the dead hear what the living say about them? This question is addressed in a Talmudic passage. Initially, I paraphrase it without any comment whatsoever.

Golan Heights — taking yes for an answer

In a report on the Golan Heights in its current issue, the Economist writes that Israel “seized” most of the Golan Heights from Syria during the Six Day War in 1967....

Thank G-d for the unanswered prayers

“Often a person prays for something that is not ultimately in his best interest. We therefore ask that He accept only those requests that are for our ultimate good...

Trees, vaccines, recipes…

The other day NPR featured a report on the world’s oldest tree. I forget precisely where it’s located, but it’s somewhere deep in the southern hemisphere.

The tape recorder

When tape recorders first came out, they were huge and unwieldy. They were about 12” wide by 12” long x 10” high, and they weighed 15 or 20 pounds. The […]

Why would Iran re-enter a nuclear deal?

The Biden administration’s approach to a potentially nuclear Iran is badly mistaken. Evil is not acknowledged.

Why did the Syrian Greeks hate the Jews?

No doubt, the conflict between the Maccabees and the Syria Greeks of the Chanukah story had a political dimension.

The angels in Gehinnom

People say, appreciate small things in life. “Stop and smell the roses. “Take in the sunset.” That sort of thing. But these are not the truly small things.

A medical dilemma

I do not expect to gather workable medical remedies from the Talmud, which offers many. Still less do I expect to find modern clinical dilemmas addressed in the Talmud....

Does anger work?

I find it exciting not to know what’s around the corner. The Talmud is full of surprises. I never know what to expect. For example, suddenly, amidst the most technical...