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View from Denver

Letter from Jerusalem

All of Israel screams one word: Future! Reflections on visiting Jerusalem by Rabbi Hillel Goldberg.

A Rich Life

A book about Richard Male’s life, A Rich Life, is not an autobiography, nor was it written years ago. It was written under the sword hanging over Male’s head these...

I am not an American! Perish the thought!

“Fascism pretending to be manners.” “Bias hunters.” “Rank absurdity.” “Big Brother is watching you.” “Intellectual morons.”Such are the stingers...

Is democracy in Israel in danger?

Israel is not the United States. Israel has no Constitution, so the High Court in Israel cannot rule on the constitutionality of any law the Knesset passes.

Where does the gift of generosity begin?

Let’s start with the cover of Ruchi Koval’s Soul Construction: Shape Your Character Using 8 Steps from the Timeless Jewish Practice of Mussar. Whew! What a heavy...

Pliable as a reed, piercing as lightning

There is only one person who could console me for the loss of my deep, deep friend and teacher, Rabbi Nathaniel Lauer. And that is Rabbi Lauer himself.

The ultimate ‘action at a distance’

Here is something that Einstein could not explain. Nor could the pioneering ophthalmologists conducting a clinical trial to alleviate “Leber hereditary optic...

What I’ve learned

As The Jerusalem Post turns 90, it’s time for me to reflect on 37 of those years — the ones that I have spent at that venerable newspaper.

Two parallel clinics. One fatal. One not.

Ignaz Semmelweis’ story is told by Siddhartha Mukherjee, who has unsettled my prejudice that beauty in writing is to be found only in the humanities, never in science.

Restoring tikkun olam to the rainbow

“To redress the grievances of those who are abandoned and alone, to protect the dignity of the poor, and to save the oppressed from the hands of his oppressor.”