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Rep. Epps, if you want to be heard, you should hear others

Rep. Epps, if a large group of people is sharing a message with you, isn’t it incumbent upon you to listen? You claim to care about people. You hold a job title that...

Nosh by Micah Siva

Time travel

One probably wouldn’t expect a book called Nosh to be a compilation of “Plant-Forward Recipes,” as the subhead begins. But there’s no false advertising here. The...

Seeing the light

The trip was one-part anniversary present, one-part dream travel destination come true, but most of all, it was a long, longed-for spiritual re-connection with my father...

Dangerous: The other Israel v. terrorism war

On the criterion of the survival of Israel, it makes no difference whether a full scale war between Israel and Hezbollah erupts, or not. Even if not, Israel cannot...

When problems don’t have solutions

A Palestinian state, made up of people who are either terrorists or who, in the main, support the Hamas massacre of Oct. 7, is a prescription for the end of Israel.


Rape earns no condemnation from Rep. Rashida Tlaib.

Misplaced mercy

When the curiosity and quirk of the lunar calendar presents us with a leap year, thus giving us two months of Adar, we are also given two Purim holidays.

How many indigenous Palestinians?

Were there 775,000 indigenous Palestinians expelled by Israel? This statement is inextricably tied to a host of issues that I do not address in order to focus on...

A ceasefire is not ‘the only way to avert bloodshed’

Overnight on Feb. 11-12, when the brilliant Israeli operation in Rafah (the southernmost city of Gaza) rescued two hostages held by Hamas, 67 Palestinians reportedly...

Extraordinary confluence

“Blessed are You, L-rd our G-d, Ruler of the Universe, who frees the captive.” In the space of less than 24 hours, I was privileged to witness this blessing...