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Jewish ‘subculture’ enhances teenage girls’ lives

In her new book, G-d, Grades, and Graduation: Religion’s Surprising Impact on Academic Success, sociologist Ilana Horwitz examines the ways a religious upbringing...

Shauvuot celebrations at Kibbutz Emek Yizrael

Eight fun facts about Shavuot in Israel

It’s time to get ready for what many consider to be the best holiday on the Jewish calendar: Shavuot.

When Torah meets caffeine

People from the Denver Jewish community share their experiences of staying up all night for Shavuot learning.

Manhattan’s private rabbi-for-hire

Rabbi Rebecca Keren Eisenstadt lives in a one-bedroom apartment on Second Avenue on the Upper East Side, but she feels just as at home in the penthouses just a few...

Holocaust survivors: What do they see in Ukraine?

Like many Holocaust survivors who have been the subject of media interviews since the war in Ukraine began, focusing on their memories and their reactions to the latest...

Ponovezh Yeshiva . . . Mariupol, Ukraine

Mariupol, the beleaguered industrial center in eastern Ukraine, also has a rich and often tragic Jewish history, shaped by conflict and the efforts of previous...

15 voices, 15 seder steps

Ahead of Passover, the Intermountain Jewish News asked a cross-section of clergy, lay leaders and community members to share a lesson or personal memory they find in a...

The ultimate field trip

Journeying back to where it all started — the ground of the Exodus from Egypt.The ultimate field trip

Jewish, labor communities join for a ‘Labor Seder’

This was the first Labor Seder, an interfaith event sponsored by Coloradans for the Common Good.

Eric Godal, political cartoonist, fled Nazi Germany

German-Jewish illustrator Eric Godal first rose to prominence for his anti-Nazi cartoons in 1930s Germany. In the decades that followed, he garnered attention for his...