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Shavuot — the elusive holiday

Why is Shavuot the elusive holiday? The usual answer is that Shavuot has no unique ritual. Not the matzah or the seder of Passover, not the shofar of Rosh Hashanah, not...

Ezagui at top of searches for ‘Jewish’

“Hi my name is Miriam,” the video begins. “I’m an Orthodox Jew, and I share what my life is like.” So opens a typical TikTok post from Miriam Ezagui, a...

Omer counters — space and time

Omer counters have been a staple item of Judaica since at least the 18th century. Today, artists are reinterpreting them.

The righteous: They risked their lives to save Jews

One would think that someone who grew up in the US and spent three years travelling thousands of miles overseas and pouring through tens of thousands of documents and...

Historian documenting ISIS’ destruction of Jewish artifacts in Mosul

Iraqi historian Omar Mohammed, known for his Mosul Eye blog, now an NGO, is known for documenting life in his city under ISIS rule.

Wrenching journey — Haggadah in Ukrainian

For the first time, a Passover Haggadah in Ukrainian.

AI and matzah: history and warning

The capabilities of these AIs are new and revolutionary, but the story of machines taking over human jobs is not. In Jewish history the most important story of that...

Ode to the matzah ball

PASSOVER EDITION 5783 SECTION C PAGE 15 Call it the Case of the Battling Bubbes. Friends of mine, a young couple, invited me to a Friday night Shabbos meal in […]

Darryl Strawberry’s professional downfall led to a spiritual rebirth

As part of his journey after a tumultuous decade-and-a-half in the spotlight, former New York Mets star Darryl Strawberry is speaking at a pro-Israel event in his second...

Dr. Bill Silvers: the power of willpower

Dr. William “Bill” Silvers does not open the front door. Sara Fischer opens it instead. She hands a mask with long ties to the guest, who left hers in the car....