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Jordan Friedman

Protesting for . . . terrorism?

This month, my oldest son will graduate from a college in the US. There has not been any indication that his graduation ceremony will be disrupted or that it will become...

Joseph, we need to talk

It’s evident that Bibi has no plan for the war or its aftermath, be it because of his desire to prolong the conflict to remain in power or the equally likely...

It’s all about Jewish safety

The domestic political lesson of Oct. 7 is that left and right are secondary considerations. It is the rooting out of threats against the safety of the Jewish community...

CU Ethnic Studies’ vile statement

Twenty-five years ago, as a student rabbi, I presented a paper to the Society for Biblical Literature.

The most important Chanukah in our lifetime

This Chanukah could be the most important celebration of the holiday in our lives. By the time the first candle is lit, hopefully the hostages held in Gaza will have...

DU chancellor dehumanizes Jews, Israelis

The moral choice by any of these countries and their people would be to demand an end to Hamas so that the “will of the Palestinian people,” which is presumably...

The rain…and flying cars

No joke. They are about to be real. If Alef Aeronautics in California manages to bring its Model A car to market, the era of flying cars will be upon us.

Republican JV squad squanders opportunity

Now that the Republican B-List debate is in the books, it is time to take note of the fundamental problem facing the GOP in this election cycle: its voters.

Electoral reform, not judicial reform

The best of Israel has been in its streets and squares for months protesting against an attack on democracy.

Full disclosure

“I am the law!” Announcing his arrival on a scene of lawlessness in a post-apocalyptic action-thriller, Sylvester Stallone’s title character, Judge Dredd,...