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    Living link to Ladino lost

    Moris Albahari, a Holocaust survivor, former partisan fighter and one of the last Ladino speakers in Bosnia and Herzegovina’s dwindling Jewish community, passed away...

    Thousands gather for Chabad ‘kinus’

    It was unseasonably cold on Sunday morning, Nov. 20, when thousands of rabbis, including from Colorado, New Mexico and elsewhere in the Mountain West, crowded on risers...

    Bitter words in Munich

    It was not your average accusation of anti-Semitism, with the invective flowing only in one direction over social media or television. It was a heated and very personal...

    In New York, two arrested in ‘developing threat’

    Two men were arrested on Nov. 19 at Pennsylvania Station in Manhattan for what the New York Police Department called “a developing threat to the Jewish community.”

    Magic world champ

    There’s a good chance that right now, Nathan Steuer is playing, or thinking about playing, Magic: The Gathering. The trading card game, which Steuer used to play with...

    Iran hostage shares his painful memories

    After a “traditional, religious” Jewish childhood in Brooklyn where he attended yeshiva, Barry Rosen fell in love with Iran. He later became a hostage there.

    In Ukraine, a dark winter looms

    As temperatures fall and Russian attacks on Ukraine’s power grid ramp up, Jewish groups are directing their efforts toward making sure that Ukrainian Jews can remain...

    Denverites living in Israel react to Nov. 1 elections

    In Tzur Hadassah, a politically moderate suburb of Jerusalem, Ari Hoffman, a Denver native, said he cried as he cast his first ballot after moving from Denver last...

    Bar Mitzvah video was viral sensation in Brazil

    In Brazil, everybody knows the name Nissim Ourfali — a Bar Mitzvah boy who became one of the country’s first viral memes 10 years ago.

    New Mexico federation folds

    After a series of bitter legal and boardroom battles within the Jewish Federation of New Mexico over the past two years, the 75-year-old community organization announced...