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    Team Israel faces tough competition at World Baseball Classic

    Team Israel is back for the 2023 World Baseball Classic, with more current MLB talent on its roster than ever. It will also face its toughest competition yet.

    Wikipedia accused of Holocaust distortions

    Academics accuse Wikipedia of minimizing Polish anti-Semitism, exaggerating the Poles’ role in saving Jews, insinuating that most Jews conspired with Communists to...

    Israel Chief Rabbi celebrates Taiwan’s Jewish community

    In what is likely a first, an Israeli chief rabbi visited Taiwan last month, marking a milestone both for the island nation and the Jewish community there.

    Jesus painting at Merchant Marine academy will be uncovered

    A large painting of Jesus will be moved out of a room at the US Merchant Marine Academy in New York, and mandatory events will not take place in its presence.

    Refugee orphans back in war zone

    A year after Rabbi Mendy Wolff spirited 120 children and staff away from the Mishpacha Orphanage in this war-torn country to the safety of Berlin, he is preparing to...

    Schlossberg memoir recounts six decades in show biz

    On a couple of occasions in Julian Schlossberg’s early life, he found himself in parts of the US where some people he talked to had never met a Jewish person. The...

    Jewish young adults find Jewish expression through service

    Over 230 people who have “served” full-time through Repair the World’s fellowship. Another 740 have completed Repair’s service corps, a three-month, part-time...

    14th-century Spanish synagogue excavated

    Archaeologists working in the town of Utrera in southwestern Spain have excavated a 14th-century Sephardic synagogue, revealing a fully intact floor plan including a...

    Violence again in Jerusalem

    An eight-year-old boy injured in a car ramming attack on Feb. 10 in Jerusalem died of his wounds the following day.

    $750 million sought in looted-art lawsuit

    Heirs of a German-Jewish banker are suing a Japanese insurance company for the return of one of Vincent van Gogh’s famed “Sunflowers” paintings, or at least $750...