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Israel evaluating Qatari claim that hostages received medicine

By Pesach Benson JERUSALEM — Israel is assessing the credibility of Qatar’s claim on Tuesday, Feb. 20, that medicines have reached hostages in Gaza as an analyst...

IDF presses offensive in Khan Yunis

The Israel Defense Forces continued to press its offensive in Khan Yunis, killing dozens of Hamas terrorists who tried to ambush soldiers, the IDF said Feb. 5.

Tears and pride — fallen Filipino IDF soldier

Amid the sorrowful toll of 21 Israeli soldiers lost on Jan. 22, the story of Philippine-born Sgt. 1st Class (res.) Cydrick Garin, 23, captured the hearts of Israelis as...

Assassination of Saleh Arouri shocks Hamas

The significance of the killing of Hamas deputy Saleh Arouri cannot be overstated. He has been a part of Hamas ever since its founding 36 years ago and was regarded as...

Hamas divided, coming to realize it won’t remain in Gaza

A split in Hamas is widening as some senior officials realize that the terror group will not remain in Gaza after the war.

American Muslim women visit Israel

A reverential silence fell on the room as the four American-Muslim women bowed their heads in prayer on Friday, Dec. 1 for the victims of the Hamas attack on Israel.

Fallen soldier’s organs save six lives

Staff Sergeant Yehonatan Yitzhak Semo was killed in battle in Gaza, but his organs — lungs, heart, liver, liver lobe, kidneys — have been donated to six patients in...

The face of a hostage

Nine months old. The smiling red-haired baby had recently started to crawl after rocking on all fours. Kfir Bibas lived with his parents and four-year-old brother in a...

Expert: Beware hostage ‘exit interviews’

A mental health expert cautioned journalists to be very careful about interviewing Israeli captives released by Hamas.

Arab list qualifies for Jerusalem election

Hoping to shake up Jerusalem city hall, an Arab political list has qualified for the first time to run in the capital’s municipal elections.