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Larry Hankin
Larry Hankin

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Arad gets a new lease on life with new mayoral leadership

heard the expression, “Why reinvent the wheel?” When Nisan Ben Hamo returned to his hometown after IDF, college and early career, he found he needed to do just that....

Coronavirus: What’s on — or replaced

These days, “business as usual” is anything but. This, of course, includes the organized Jewish community’s efforts to work within the Centers for Disease Control...

Kosher ice cream in Cherry Creek

Ice cream lovers may be delighted to know that they can enjoy kosher ice cream during a shopping expedition in Cherry Creek. Nicki and Aaron Toys are the owners of the...

No meat, no dairy — and kosher

When a vegetarian “goes kosher,” it takes a chunk of the necessary adaptation out of the equation. Such was the case with Alyse Opatowski, who took the kosher...

Denverite authors and illustrates ‘The Jewcy Haggadah’

In 2003, Debbie Foster was a teacher at Stepping Stones . . . to a Jewish Me, a program for interfaith families. When it came time for teaching about Passover, Foster...

Tradition meets technology

You hear it all the time. The world of dating can be rough. Once you have decided you want to meet someone to settle down with, you have to decide how that’s going to...

Sunshine still inspiring teens — at Muss in Israel

For eight years, Rabbi Michael “Mikey” Sunshine helped some 2,000 Denver-area high school students connect with their Judaism as director of the Jewish Student...

As he retires, Neal Price reflects on a half century of service

Price may be the current longest-serving synagogue executive director in North America. But that distinction will shift on Nov. 30, when Price retires after 38 years as...

VIP New Faces: Alex Milzer

Milzer, 34, is the son of community leaders Stephanie and the late Harvey Milzer, and the father of five-year-old Leo. He has two younger sisters Marisa and Julia...

VIP New Faces: Kolby Morris-Dahary

Morris-Dahary is a student rabbi at Judaism Your Way. She is the daughter of Christy Harlan and well-known local concert promoter Chuck Morris; her step-mother is Becky...


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