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Bernard-Henri Lévy. French philosopher and human rights activist. (Hampstead Rose LLC via JNS)

Bernard-Henri Lévy turns to Israel’s defense

By  Tunku Varadarajan, Strategic Tribune via JNS There are few men who feel the pain of distant upheavals as acutely as Bernard-Henri Lévy, 75, a French philosopher,...

Candles and photos of the victims killed on, and held hostage by, Hamas terrorists since the Oct. 7 massacre, in Dizengoff Square, Tel Aviv. (Miriam Alster/Flash90)

Israel at War: A Christian’s story

An excerpt about a trip to Israel after Oct. 7 from Jeff Myers’ memoir, Should Christians Support Israel? Myers earned a PhD from DU and is president of Summit...

L-r: Labor Seder leaders Talia Winokur, Hal Aqua and Rabbi Katie Mizrahi; Marilyn Winokur and Aime Baca-Oehlert, Colorado for the Common Good co-chairs. (Eric Einstein Photography)

Labor Seder bridges labor and Jewish communities

The third annual interfaith Labor Seder, a unique and powerful public event, drew more than 300 participants to Rodef Shalom’s social hall on April 11 in what is...

Laser cut names of impactful women that Andy Arnovitz made into a wedding dress displaying at the Jerusalem Biennale.

At Jerusalem Biennale, ‘Threading’ is inspired by upcycling

The theme of the 6th Jerusalem Biennale — delayed until now due to the Oct. 7 attack and the war in Gaza — is tzon barzel, or, “iron flock,” which refers to a...

Alexei Navalny, left; and Natan Sharansky, right (Wikimedia Commons)

Sharansky on Navalny: Lessons from a dissident

Natan Sharansky — the Russian-Israeli refusenik, author and human rights activist who was imprisoned by the former Soviet Union from 1977 to 1986 — is what you might...

Elie Wiesel pictured in his office, from where much of the archive material was culled. (IJN file photo)

Florida museum lands Wiesel trove

For about a year, officials at the Florida Holocaust Museum (FHM) in downtown St. Petersburg kept a closely guarded secret that the museum was seeking to become the...

A lawyer’s analysis: The genocide charge

A legal analysis of Israel’s defense against claims of genocide filed in the International Court of Justice (ICJ) by South Africa, and of South Africa’s...

At the shiva home of Ben Zussman

Personal essay from Israel: Visits to two shiva homes, including that of Ben Zussman, reveal the fabric of the Jewish people. When we blend together as one nation, we...

An open letter to the world on anti-Semitism

Jewish media outlets worldwide call for combating the surge in anti-Semitism in an editorial that was an initiative of the Jewish News in London and the Jerusalem Post.

Self-driving cars — on Shabbat?

Ask a rabbi about self-driving cars and you’d better be ready for a long answer.