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Herb Keinon

Herb Keinon, a Denver native, interned at the IJN before going on to a career at the Jerusalem Post, where he is a senior contributing editor.

Simplify, simplify

The arrival of Purim is a telltale sign that Passover is only 30 days away, which means you better get moving on cleaning the house. My father taught me that big chores...

Who gets the right of way?

It has been said of Israel that it is a nation of ordinary people able to do extraordinary things, of regular folks achieving remarkable results. This has never been...

Unwinding during war

In the best of times, Israel is not the world’s most relaxing country. The pace is frenetic, the people are intense, the place is crowded, the volume is loud and the...

What do you say?

As parents now for over 30 years, The Wife and I generally know what to say to our four kids. It comes with the territory. Four kids and more than […]

They are worried that we are worried

With two sons who have spent a good part of the last month fighting Hamas in Gaza, another bouncing between battling Hezbollah in the North and preparing to enter Gaza...

Find light in dark times

It’s been a few years since I’ve had babies and toddlers in my house 24/7 for more than a week, so I was out of practice when my daughter, The Lass, came to our...

Kosher on a non-kosher cruise

If you’re the type of person who doesn’t like attracting a lot of attention to yourself, then keeping kosher on a non-kosher cruise is not for you.

Emancipation Day

Certain dates on the calendar, both the Gregorian and Jewish, forever retain significance. Birthdays are one and wedding anniversaries are another. In Israel, September...

Where’s the brown sugar?

My late father taught me many things: how to write, how to drive in the snow, and how to be a caring father. He didn’t teach me how to cook.

Wasting time worrying about time wasting

The days I spent in yeshiva in Israel after graduating college were not overly memorable.