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Herb Keinon

The Wife’s sweet 60th

So there we were: The Wife’s 60th birthday was creeping up, and not only did I not know what to buy, I did not know what to do. I asked my kids, but — being blessed...

Jews sure know how to have fun

I found myself in New York for a few hours recently on the tail end of a trip that included talking to various groups about the situation in Israel, when an old friend...

Confessions of one who hates to shop

I don’t like shopping. 
That’s an understatement. I hate shopping. I hate grocery shopping and clothes shopping.

Leaves, Steve and Karen

An American Jewish grandfather struggled with the Yiddish and Hebrew names of his grandchildren.


It’s not that often that I’m able to see my spouse in action professionally. The Wife is a psychotherapist and mindfulness instructor. So the chances of seeing her...

Fitting in through watching soccer

I’m not from the big cursers. Sure, an imprecation or two might slip out when a car cuts me off on the road (hopefully when the children are not riding with me). A...

What I’ve learned

As The Jerusalem Post turns 90, it’s time for me to reflect on 37 of those years — the ones that I have spent at that venerable newspaper.

My Sephardi, Ashkenazi, Ethiopian minyan

The World Health Organization may not have sounded the all-clear sign, the Health Ministry may still be on alert, and some people may still be getting sick, but in my...


Everyone knows about FOMO — Fear of Missing Out — a term coined in 1996 by marketing strategist Dan Herman to describe an emotional state many of us feel at various...

Figuring out the happy Israel

I speak often to groups, both Jewish and non-Jewish, about Israel, and one thing that often surprises them is how high Israel ranks in all those various annual happiness...