Tuesday, October 4, 2022 -
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Herb Keinon

    Figuring out the happy Israel

    I speak often to groups, both Jewish and non-Jewish, about Israel, and one thing that often surprises them is how high Israel ranks in all those various annual happiness...

    Musings on the end of saying Kaddish

    The 12-month journey of mourning one’s parents begins, to paraphrase Chairman Mao, with a single prayer.

    Seeing what’s in your own backyard

    “We have everything right here in our backyard, there’s no reason to travel anywhere,” my father said nearly every summer when I was a kid growing up in Denver.

    The inadequate grandparents

    “Which grandparents do you want to go to for Shabbat?” my daughter-in-law, Skippy’s wife, asked her son a few weeks back. “To Saba Urb and Savta Susie’s,” he...