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Hillel Goldberg

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Who are the people of faith?

Who are the people of faith? A reflection on shmita.

Everyone’s priesthood

Perhaps the most universal wellspring in the Torah — the teaching that grips all good people ever since the time of Aaron the High Priest — is the priesthood,...

Does it really matter?

We had a story from JTA last week which addressed a controversy: whether a male should be the rabbi-in-residence of a woman’s magazine, Women’s Day. Opponents were...

Don’t speak to me

“Activists” — don’t you just love that term for haters? — pronounced last week in Manhattan, “We don’t want no two state, we want all of it . . . Israel...

Top 10 signs you were at a GOP — or Democratic — seder

Top 10 signs you were at a GOP seder; top 10 signs you were at a Democratic seder.

Dayyenu is enough — really?

PASSOVER EDITION 5782 SECTION A PAGE 4 This ode to Passover was first published in the IJN in 1982 and has occupied this space before Passover many years since. ONE...

Zelensky is right on the Holocaust

I am cutting Zelensky slack for his invocation of the Holocaust in his speech to the Knesset, but for a very different reason than others.

A Jewish spiritual tradition reborn

On a Saturday night amidst another war in Ukraine a century ago — the larger Russian civil war — Rabbi Joseph J. Hurvitz found himself in a synagogue with shooting...

26 words that changed the world

It’s called Section 230. In media terms, it was written eons ago. It’s the section of the Communications Decency Act of 1996 that exempts social media for...

Tell your story in numbers

Doug Seserman, former CEO of JEWISHcolorado, liked to say: “Don’t be afraid to tell your story in numbers” — a review of Making Numbers Count, published by Avid...