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Hillel Goldberg
Hillel Goldberg

IJN Executive Editor |

The most meaningful Passover yet

A Colorado lawmaker recalled the Gestapo as he objected to the rules that have almost all of us confined to our homes. The comparison is ignorant. In 2020, unlike in...

‘How will we get through this?’

Howwill we get through this? Wrong question. But I need my mother for the seder. Or: I lost my deposit for Pesach at the hotel. Or: I have nowhere to go for seder. Wrong...

Coronavirus: Who is in control?

Am I the only one thinking of the Holocaust? Darkness descended: Suddenly. Dangerously. Transforming reality, totally. Impossible to get a grip on because never seen...

Should I trust myself?

I think I can start a potentially dangerous activity because I think I’m in control. I won’t cross the line into danger. I am disciplined. Examples abound: Driving...

Now this would be a presidential debate

I have always imagined this kind of debate: Each debater argues for the position or the candidate that he opposes. Yes, you read that right. This is how it would work,...

Child abuse in utero

“Can a baby be abused in womb?” So ran the headline. What a fascinating question. It unfolded this way: A person is violent against a pregnant woman. When the baby...

Living in polarized times

Historical perspective helps. We live in polarized times. Impeachment speaks for itself. The edges are sharp — but not nearly so sharp as in the past. I won’t even...

Beautiful words cheapened

What happened to those beautiful words? I miss them. I mourn them. They are still with us, to be certain, but their meaning has been cheapened, thinned, eviscerated....

Report from 90,000 Jews in MetLife Stadium

? A very elderly man, stooped over, facing the ground, is wheeled by. His seat is found and he is put in it. The wheelchair is taken away. This man is here to stay —...

To blame Trump for anti-Semitism is an evasion

Just to clear the air: I believe that President Trump is a terrible role model in the way he speaks about people. He is demeaning and insulting, even to widows and the...


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