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Your COVID behavior: Survey results

A few weeks ago, we asked you about your COVID behavior. The state seemed to have settled into a “new normal,” with limited social engagements, mask wearing and social distancing. We predicted that this “new normal” would last until a vaccine is developed. But even that prediction, pessimistic as it may have seemed, might have been too optimistic. While restrictions in Colorado have not changed dramatically since Oct. 8, when the blog post was published, the state has seen a rise in the number of cases and hospitalizations and a few more restrictions have come in, depending on the county. In Denver, for example, social gatherings among unrelated people is limited to five people.

With Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas/New Years around the corner or on the horizon, it’s likely that case numbers will continue to rise, and we may see new restriction come in. Cold temperatures also mean that social gatherings, even if limited to five people where everyone is wearing a mask, are taking place indoors, likely also contributing to the rise in cases.

Part of this “new normal” is adapting, and perhaps now, two weeks later, your survey responses would be different.

But here’s what our results have shown thus far:

1. Do you wear a face covering when you leave the house?

  • 66.6%: Only when I go into a public venue
  • 27.7%: Yes, I wear it at all times out of doors
  • 5.5%: No, only when I’m in a crowded place

2. Do you meet up with people?

  • 72.7%: Yes, but only with select people
  • 22.2%: No, I haven’t had any social engagements since the pandemic
  • 16.6%: Yes, but I am careful to social distance

3. Have you attended in-person services?

  • 61.1%: No
  • 38.8%: Yes

4. What’s your work situation?

  • 27.7%: I’m working from the office as normal
  • 27.7%: I wasn’t working when the pandemic hit
  • 22.%: I’m working remotely
  • 11.%: Working remotely at 1/3 of normal hours
  • 11.1%: I’ve lost my job since the pandemic hit

5. Do you feel the pandemic is too political?

  • 77.7%: Yes
  • 11.1%: No
  • 11.1%: I’m not sure

Do these results line up with your behavior? You can take the survey!

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