Friday, January 22, 2021 -
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Survey: Your COVID behavior

Although we’ve been hearing about the new normal for a long time, for while life was more of a time warp that anything else. In the past month or so it feel like really have settled into the new COVID normal: Wearing masks, meeting in small social groups, contemplating taking shorter trips. Kids are back in school but the possibility of closures looms. Concerts and the like seem far off for most people, but a meal out, music at a small venue, a drink — those are either happening or on the horizon. It feels like this is it for a while — until a vaccine is developed or, in an ideal world, the virus dies.

So now that we’re in this new normal, we thought we’d check in and ask you about your COVID behavior. All responses are completely anonymous, and we’ve provided an “other” field if our suggestions don’t quite fit your situation.

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