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Tackling chronic insomnia with high-tech devices — not pills

The Sleep Foundation estimates that between 10 and 30% of American adults struggle with chronic insomnia. For older adults, the rate jumps to as high as 48%.

First date turned into a sweet dream

Daniel Bareket only stopped eating animal products after he moved to Tel Aviv. That he and his future wife would one day develop award-winning vegan chocolate was far...

Ten questions for Avishai Cohen

Among the young Israelis who started to migrate to New York City in the 1990s, Avishai Cohen made an Israeli jazz fairy tale come true when he jived with pianist Chick...

When Kentucky (whiskey) goes on aliyah

Except for the few scattered palm trees you see as you tentatively drive along a bumpy secluded dirt path, you could easily imagine yourself on your way to a moonshine...

A taste of Druze culture

The Druze town of Daliat el-Carmel (also spelled Daliyat al-Carmel) is what its deputy mayor, Nisim Abu Hamad, calls “a mixture of modernity based on our Druze culture...

In Israel, Circassians preserve their culture

Hani Madaji says he dreams in Circassian, prays in Arabic, learns in Hebrew and travels in English. Madaji, 50, is a Circassian.

Shauvuot celebrations at Kibbutz Emek Yizrael

Eight fun facts about Shavuot in Israel

It’s time to get ready for what many consider to be the best holiday on the Jewish calendar: Shavuot.

Indie musicians band together to weather the COVID

By Naama Barak Let’s say your livelihood, career and dreams depended on meeting as many people as possible in crowded venues night after night. What happens when a...

This soldier leaves no lonely old person behind

By Naama Barak “Between 11th and 12th grade, after a tough fencing session, I saw a television report about all these elderly people and Holocaust survivors and their...

Kibbutz Lavi retools for remote Judaism

By Nathan Jeffay With synagogues shut, a kibbutz has started working on a solution for the new world of cyber-prayer: a home ark for rabbis to use in their webcam...