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Cold glass of cowless milk — holy cow!

The Rehovot-based Remilk company, which develops and manufactures dairy protein without animal involvement, has been approved by Israel’s Health Ministry.

Omer counters — space and time

Omer counters have been a staple item of Judaica since at least the 18th century. Today, artists are reinterpreting them.

A different Israel-Iran encounter

Today, Homayoun not only does not hate Israel, but he is in near daily contact on social media with many Israelis he calls friends.

Historian documenting ISIS’ destruction of Jewish artifacts in Mosul

Iraqi historian Omar Mohammed, known for his Mosul Eye blog, now an NGO, is known for documenting life in his city under ISIS rule.

Israelis key players in mission to Jupiter

Israeli innovation is participating in a mission to Jupiter scheduled for launch this week as the Jewish state sends its first-ever complete electronic system to deep...

UAE builds a synagogue — and a church and mosque

On a 75-degree February day in Abu Dhabi, JNS had the chance to view the Abrahamic Family House site on Saadiyat Island on its opening day in the United Arab Emirates.

As SVB goes down, Israeli startups suffer too

A Friday-morning (March 10) panic evolved into a Monday-morning (March 13) partial sigh of relief with the announcement that the US federal government will preserve bank...

Jewish groups weigh in on ‘Sabbath in the workplace’ case

Ahead of next month’s US Supreme Court case about Sabbath observance in the workplace, several liberal Jewish groups have joined Orthodox ones by weighing in on the...

Where the good hackers gather

What do you get when you put hundreds of hackers in an exposition center? Cybertech 2023 in Tel Aviv. At the annual event, cybersecurity companies old and new display...

Meet the Israeli doctor helping Ethiopians receive eye care

By Andrew Jose When Israeli ophthalmologist Morris Hartstein visited Gondar in 2014 for a family volunteering trip, he did not know he would start an initiative that...