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Torah pointer (yad) by Wendell Castle. Silver and stained walnut; hand: sign foam and acrylic paint; table: rosewood, maple wood. 8 in. high. (2004). Barr Foundation collection. (Fralin Museum of Art at the University of Virginia)

Pointers — yads — for the University of Virginia

Clay Barr’s husband Jay D. A. Barr had been ill for “quite a long time” when she brought him home in early 1994. “There was no more to be done, and I’m pacing...

Bereaved father lashes out at anti-government protesters

The father of an IDF soldier killed in action in Gaza has denounced renewed anti-government protests, accusing demonstrators of using the plight of bereaved families and...

Israeli strike kills seven aid workers

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on April 2 confirmed that an unintentional IDF strike killed seven aid workers in the Gaza Strip the previous night.

Orthodox Jews outside an Israeli army recruitment office in Ramat Gan on June 25, 2023. (Yossi Zeliger/TPS)

Haredi draft bill delayed to address critics’ reservations

The Netanyahu government postponed a Cabinet meeting scheduled for Tuesday to approve the draft of a bill dealing with haredi, or ultra-Orthodox, enlistment in the IDF...

Linda Thomas-Greenfield, US Ambassador to the UN, at the UN Security Council. (JNS)

UN resolution imperiled hostage negotiations, Jewish leaders say

“Hamas’ stance clearly demonstrates its utter disinterest in a negotiated deal and attests to the damage done by the UN Security Council’s resolution,” Israeli...

Mishpacha Children’s Home in Odessa cares for 120 Ukrainian Jewish children whose parents either are dead or cannot care for them. (Mishpacha Chabad Odessa)

Amb. Yevgen: ‘Ukraine and Israel have the same enemies’

Korniychuk Yevgen has been Ukraine’s ambassador to Israel since 2020. Even before Russia’s invasion of his country on Feb. 24, 2022, he argued that Israel is not...

A tent camp in Rafah, in the southern Gaza Strip, set up for Palestinians who evacuated from their homes, Jan. 30, 2024. (Atia Mohammed/Flash90)

Israel’s plan for taking Rafah

The Israel Defense Forces on Sunday evening, Feb. 25, presented to Israel’s War Cabinet a plan to evacuate the civilian population from Gaza’s southernmost city of...

Sagui Dekel-Chen with his wife Avital, his six-year-old daughter Bar and his two year-old daughter Gali. (Hostages and Missing Families Forum)

‘When will he be coming home?’

“I can’t allow myself to get caught in the emotional rollercoaster around hostage negotiations,” said Jonathan Dekel-Chen, whose son Sagui, 35, was kidnapped by...

Ex-commando turned chasid bridges divide

With an M16 over his shoulder and a pistol and walkie-talkie at his waist, his long black coat and fur hat worn by some chasidic Jews in place, Asaf Peleg turns heads as...

Two Israelis killed in terror attack

A terrorist shot and killed two Israelis and wounded four others on Friday afternoon at a bus stop near the Re’em Masmiya Junction, near Kiryat Malachi in the northern...