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    A verdant Baha’i pantheon in Israel

    A Baha’i shrine that will house the remains of one of the three central founders of the faith is under construction in the port city of Acre in what will be the third...

    Capt. Ella is an IDF trailblazer

    Meet Ella Waweya, 33, internationally known as “Captain Ella” (even after her promotion), the IDF’s deputy spokesperson for the Arabic media.

    Grand Junction hit with anti-Jewish hate

    Ziploc bags featuring red, yellow and blue crayons along with anti-Semitic literature appeared at doorsteps in a Grand Junction neighborhood over the weekend of Dec....

    Prizmah national confab set for Denver

    More than 1,000 Jewish day school school leaders will gather in Denver, Jan. 8-10, for the Prizmah: Center for Jewish Day Schools Conference to explore many of the new...

    Sub-Saharan Jewish communities meet

    On Dec. 14, the first sub-Saharan African Jewish conference will bring together “emergent African Jews” representing approximately 10 communities.

    Birthright seeks next Jewish comedy star

    Birthright participants are more likely to build Jewish families. But could Birthright produce the next Jewish comedy star?

    Qatar tries to accommodate Jewish World Cup guests

    While Qatar can hardly be considered a friend of Israel, harboring as it does Hamas terrorists, when it comes to Jews visiting the country for the FIFA World Cup, Qatar...

    Aboard the Titanic, Ida Strauss chose to perish with her husband

    “Where you go, I go,” Ida Straus told her husband, Isidor, aboard the RMS Titanic in April, 1912. With lifeboats available for women and children first, men had to...

    Two killed, more than 20 injured in Jerusalem terror bombings

    This story was updated Nov. 28 with a further fatality report. Two Israelis were killed and more than 20 injured on Wednesday in two explosions at bus stops located near...

    Lions in the den are dead, but more dens foreseen

    By Yaakov Lapin As Palestinian terrorism moves south from its epicenters in Nablus and Jenin, one former Israeli defense official believes that despite the blows dealt...