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The Intermountain Jewish News @ 110

President Joe Biden sent this message from the White House to the Intermountain Jewish News 110th anniversary, large-size commemorative magazine of July 3, 2023:

“I have often said that good journalism holds a mirror up to ourselves to reflect on the good, the bad, and the true. For 110 years, Intermountain Jewish News has carried on this sacred tradition.”

John Fielder, the inimitable photographer, honored us with these words: “You have helped me share my passion, Colorado’s natural environment, through the publication of my photography on so many IJN covers and in several feature stories.”

And of course . . . the Jewish environment, reflected in our pages over the decades — and reproduced in the 110th anniversary magazine:

• The photo of Menachem Begin, prime minister of Israel, peacemaker with Egypt, back in Brest Litovsk, Poland, next to his mentor Ze’ev Jabotinsky.

• The way social media have impacted the physician-patient relationship;

• The memory of Dan Dougherty, liberator of Dachau, some of whose comrades, upon seeing the endless piles of utterly emaciated, dead Jews, went beserk and murdered 17 SS guards;

• The gratitude of the ListenFoundation for the Jewish community of Denver’s support for helping pave the way for today’s Listening and Spoken Language Therapy.

• The obituary editorial (one of many), this one remembering Florence Kessler Ruston, d. 2006, grand dame of Denver society, about whom we wrote: “She never lost that proud, unmistakable posture of a dancer — as if something invisible pulled her toward the sky.”

• The evocative essay on the likenesses — and unlikenessess — of the Colorado mountains and the Jerusalem mountains.

• The “End of an Era,” poignant reminders of Ida Goldberger, Don Kortz, Arden Wandel, Jack Greenwald, Maurice Weiss, Steve Chotin, Yana Vishnitsky, Jerry Lande, Steve Farber and Shmuel Silverberg.

• The voices of ninth graders in Denver schools paired with the voices of very old, living Holocaust survivors, “Holocaust Across the Generations.”

• The young Jewish adults of today and the programs to introduce them to the Jewish community of today — “They want connections.”

• The voice in the IJN of long ago, in 1928, to be exact: “It is obvious that the father must provide the means of sustaining the family, but upon the mother devolves the higher and nobler duty of establishing the family standard socially, morally and religiously.”

• The IJN Top Teen of 2002, Allison Tatarsky, who today is director of the Malaria Elimination Initiative at the University of California and before that lived in southern Africa working on malaria with a brief time working on HIV, tuberculosis and health financing.

• The photo of Miriam Goldberg, the late IJN editor and publisher, with Daddy Bruce Randolph, as she and Bob Sweeney present him a check to help with his distribution of free Thanksgiving turkeys.

• The Lavender Hill Mob, silent for some 50 years, then, in the pages of the IJN, silent no more — their heroics now a piece of Denver history, as none of the mob remains alive.

• The vivid portraiture of Rabbi C. E. H. Kauvar and comedian — and philanthropist —Eddie Cantor — by the late IJN editor and publisher Max Goldberg.

• The “Best of the IJN” by the current generations of the Goldberg family, carrying the IJN into the future.

• This message from JEWISHcolorado: “We are blessed by the continuity in coverage you have offered, a reflection of the investment in time and talent made by three generations of one family.”

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