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Advice on twins from the twins

Dear Tzviling,

My husband, Jack, and I are soooo excited. I just came back from my obstetrician’s office, and guess what? It’s going to be twin boys. Can you believe it?

I have so many questions, and figured, who would know better than Dear Tzviling. I plan to give them the same of everything — even dress them the same.

What do you think?

Vivie (e-mail)

Dear Vivie,

We think this is good news and good news.

Double Mazel Tov.

We feel you should consider dressing them separately.

Don’t forget. They will have distinct personalities.

Whatever you do, don’t give them the same name.

Dear Tzviling,

Really? I was counting on naming them both Shmuel (Samuel).

Jack and I love the name Shmuel. Quick, what can we do?

Vivie (e-mail)

Dear Vivie,

How about naming them Shmuel Alef and Shmuel Bais?

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