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Hayom! Today!

Hayom — Today. As we arrive at Rosh Hashanah, we arrive at today. A day we no longer push off the things we always say we will do . . . tomorrow. Today, hayom, on Rosh Hashanah, all the tomorrows throughout the past year are compressed into this one day. Today.

All the times we were going to correct a wrong, but never found the time or courage to do. All the failed commitments to help out, but somehow the tomorrow of it never came. All the aspirations to change and become better human beings, better Jews . . . sometimes,.when there will be more of an opportunity, more of a chance . . . maybe tomorrow. So many tomorrows of this past year have come and gone, never having fulfilled the promise of that day.

And then comes Rosh Hashanah and says, forget about all those tomorrows you were going to accomplish. Rosh Hashanah guides us to the here and now. Hayom.

Hayom! Te’amzenu . . . Today. Strengthen us. Hayom! Tevarchenu . . . Today. Bless us. Hayom! Tegadlenu . . . Today. Exalt us. Hayom! Tidreshenu le-tova . . . Today. Seek us out for good. Hayom! Tishma sha’avatenu . . . Today. Hear our outcry. Hayom! Tekabel be-rachamim uve-ratzon et tefilatenu . . . Today. Accept our prayers with compassion and favor.

Hayom! Today!

Rosh Hashanah brings us to the moment of truth. There is no longer the tomorrow to push off all of our goals, dreams and prayers.

We can no longer avoid ourselves and who we are or want to work on becoming.

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Tehilla R. Goldberg

IJN columnist | View from Central Park

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