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Shavuout: The oneness of G-d

G-d is one. In trying to understand the oneness of G-d, the “what” is often rendered subservient to the “how,” and because the how is at best only imprecisely...

‘What do you do for a living?’ — ‘I design bullets’

“My favorite topic: how to kill people, that is, how best to kill people.” That wasn’t the actual headline, but it could have been. This bullet vs. that bullet....

The ghost’s ghost

I’ve never had a ghost writer. But what about a ghost’s ghost? That would be Andrea Jacobs, IJN senior writer. I drift by Andrea’s window, tossing out the standard,...

Denver Post Editor Greg Moore visits Israel

Denver Post Editor Greg Moore visited Israel, Feb. 7-17, on an ADL mission. It was his first visit to Israel. Upon his return he sat for an interview. It was […]