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MATZA: Mental Anguish TZviling Alert


Dear Tzviling,

Help! Passover is around the corner and I don’t know where to begin. I know I have to get rid of every morsel of chametz, but my wife is not helping enough. She feels vacuuming the living room carpet is enough. And she says she’s exhausted. Aren’t we supposed to remove the entire carpet to check underneath? Please help us out. I’m ready to plotz.

Jake (Cheyenne)

Dear Jake,

We received your letter, which we appreciate.

Since you are reading this letter, it means you are taking a break from your Pesach cleaning.

This is good.

For a moment, you had us worried.

As a public service, we bring you our Mental Anguish TZviling Alert (MATZA):

• Dust is not chametz and your wife is not the korban Pesach (Pascal offering).

• Don’t confuse Pesach cleaning with “spring cleaning.” Focus on the chametz.

• You don’t need to remove your (wall to wall) living room carpet. Vacuuming is sufficient. Treat yourself to a steam cleaning.

• You don’t need to remove (large) bookcases from the wall.

• Please don’t dismantle your Sanitary H2O Flow System Excess Food Eliminator (aka toilet).

• Do what is reasonable. You may hire outside help and make it easier for your wife. Make it easier for yourself.

• Remember that preparing for Pesach is not only about searching for chametz behind the refrigerator. Chametz can also be hiding in your habits, your character traits and the way you treat others. Especially your wife. Make sure to buy her something special for Pesach.

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