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Andrew Lapin, JTA

    Why Jews thrived in Hollywood — and what they sacrificed for it

    NEW YORK — On “Saturday Night Live” earlier this month, Dave Chappelle really wanted his audience to know there are a lot of Jews in Hollywood. “I’ve been to...

    ‘Maus’ among books pulled from some Missouri shelves

    Art Spiegelman’s Maus, along with six books about the Holocaust geared toward young readers, are among the hundreds of books that a handful of school districts in...

    ‘Jew-free’ zones at UC Berkeley?

    Unpacking the assertion that pro-Zionist (read: Jewish) speakers are banned at UC Berkeley Law School.

    Anne Frank's Diary: The Graphic Adaptation

    Texas school district orders ‘Anne Frank’ removal

    A school district in suburban Fort Worth, Texas, has ordered its librarians to remove an illustrated adaptation of “The Diary of Anne Frank” from their shelves.

    Levin dynasty ends in Michigan

    A Jewish political dynasty’s four-decade run in Congress has come to an end after Rep. Andy Levin conceded to Rep. Haley Stevens in Michigan’s 11th congressional...

    In the UN: Throw Israel out

    A UN commission formed to investigate alleged human rights abuses in Israel and the Palestinian Territories was under renewed scrutiny last week as two prominent...

    ‘Hallelujah’ documentary explores Cohen’s opus

    Leonard Cohen wrote around 150 verses to “Hallelujah,” or so the scholars claim.

    Ben & Jerry’s boycott ended — for now

    Unilever, after nearly a year of legal and financial battles, including economic divestment from the company by several states in the US with anti-BDS laws, announced...

    Princeton exhibit canceled

    Princeton University spent months planning an exhibit of 19th-century American Jewish art before cancelling the show because two of its featured artists had supported...

    Chair that saved three Jews

    When the rabbi at the center of January’s synagogue hostage standoff first encountered the stranger who would soon hold him at gunpoint, he served him a cup of tea.