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An inquiry into the idea of ‘Satan’

Never let it be said that Sharon Coggan is afraid of tackling some of the biggest and toughest subjects out there — even if the current centerpiece of her studies is a...

Chanukah house in Brooklyn is a family tradition

Chanukah, commemorating the triumph of Judah Maccabee and the miracle of long-lasting oil, has plenty of heroes to celebrate. But in one Brooklyn family’s home, the...

In Ukraine, Chanukah candles are needed for heat, not just light

In the days before Chanukah, which started Dec. 18, a few men and women from two Conservative institutions in Israel traveled to the small Jewish community in...

Lemon-Ricotta Fritters alternative to sufganiyot

These lemon-ricotta fritters are perfectly crisp and round. They’re so light and creamy with a hint of fresh lemon zest.

Iran hostage shares his painful memories

After a “traditional, religious” Jewish childhood in Brooklyn where he attended yeshiva, Barry Rosen fell in love with Iran. He later became a hostage there.

The last Jews of Antakya, Turkey

Jews have lived in the city of Antakya, known in ancient times as Antioch, for over 23 centuries. The city wants visitors to know that.

Massachusetts bridge named for Jewish author

A Massachusetts town at the center of a high school anti-Semitism scandal last year has just renamed a bridge in honor of a pioneering but little-known Jewish woman...

The Littons are sukkah builders extraordinaire

On the day after Yom Kippur, Steven Litton is racing from Long Island, NY, to Manhattan. While much of Steven’s work has been in motion long before Yom Kippur, the...

Morocco etrogs benefit from shmita

A bumper crop of etrogs is taking a more direct route to Israel this year, thanks to a historic confluence of geopolitics and religious observance.

Before Chabad, there was the IDF

Mobile sukkahs have become popular with Chabad, but a dive into the National Library of Israel collection reveals an earlier manifestation of sukkahs on wheels, during...