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Chumash translated into Romanian

By Aviva Engel MONTREAL — As a modern Orthodox rabbi who works at a Jewish day school in Montreal, Sorin Rosen knows his way around a prayer book. But that […]

‘Three Minutes’: rare footage of people killed soon after in the Holocaust

A home movie is now the basis for a feature documentary called “Three Minutes: A Lengthening,” directed by Bianca Stigter, who is also an historian and culture...

Jewish star in Episcopal church, why?

SITKA, Alaska — It is a peculiar mystery that has endured for more than 120 years in the shadows of Mt. Verstovia on Baranof Island in southeast Alaska.

Jewish cellist reunites descendants of Holocaust survivors

On Aug. 18, against the odds, some 20 descendants of Julius Blach and his brother Felix Blach gathered for four days in Stralsund, Germany, where the Blachs lived and...

Hidden in the attic: Puppet resistance

By Dan Pine, j. the Jewish Weekly of Northern California Long before Frank Oz gained fame as the puppet master behind such characters as Miss Piggy and Yoda, he was...

When a fake epidemic saved Jewish lives

“Syndrome K” tells that little-known, surefire story: How three doctors at a hospital in Rome shielded a group of Jews from the Nazis in 1943 and 1944 by inventing a...

From social media, to helping someone flee Afghanistan

The social networking app Clubhouse advertises its “unlikely collisions of people” — but Nat Rosenzweig, a 34-year-old Jewish musician, hardly expected it to bring...

Deep-sea wonderland near Tel Aviv

Sunlight does not reach the Palmahim Slide, a rare geological formation deep in the Mediterranean Sea about 30 kilometers (19 miles) off the coast of Tel Aviv.

A taste of Druze culture

The Druze town of Daliat el-Carmel (also spelled Daliyat al-Carmel) is what its deputy mayor, Nisim Abu Hamad, calls “a mixture of modernity based on our Druze culture...

In Israel, Circassians preserve their culture

Hani Madaji says he dreams in Circassian, prays in Arabic, learns in Hebrew and travels in English. Madaji, 50, is a Circassian.