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Dick and Eddie Robinson, perennial favorites

Like the physical muscles, the emotional and spiritual ones can atrophy. Is one attuned to others like one used to be? Is one filled with wonder and gratitude as in years past? If there are two people in our community whose spiritual muscles seem as trim and fit as they were back in their old East High School days, it is Dick and Eddie Robinson.

They were honored by Temple Emanuel last Saturday night. Look at the list that Temple joined in honoring two people known for their human qualities as much as for their philanthropic ones. Here’s a snapshot of the leadership the two brothers have exercised.

The short list for Dick: Board chair of the American Medical Center, Rose Community Foundation, Boy Scouts of America, Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce —and president of Temple Emanuel.

The short list for Eddie: Board chair of the Denver Zoological Foundation, National Jewish, Allied Jewish Federation, St. Joseph Hospital Foundation and Metro Denver Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Now, mix in the following, which both brothers have served: ADL, BMH-BJ, Denver Art Museum, Girl Scouts, Mile High United Way, the Symphony and the Colorado Neurological Institute.

It’s hardly a surprise that both Dick and Eddie received the coveted Citizens of the West Award. Both are members of the Colorado Business Hall of Fame for their leadership of Robinson Dairy. At one point, Robinson Dairy delivered 180,000 half pints of milk to schools every day. “Nobody ever got sick from our milk,” says Eddie.

Where does all this come from? It comes from Louis Robinson, who opened a dairy farm in 1885 in what later became Lakewood, Colorado. Louis Robinson granted the farmland to the Jewish Consumptives’ Relief Society, which saved thousands of lives. Louis and his sons Hyman and Morris, with horse-drawn wagons, delivered milk and milk products.

Then came Hyman’s son Sam Robinson and Morris’ son-in-law “Doc” Davine — and then Sam’s sons Dick and Eddie. That’s the story of milk and honey — up to 2024 and the Temple event. Congratulations Dick and Eddie! Your philanthropic muscles are alive and well.

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