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Black Friday

Black Friday.

Originally called that because of the traffic jams and tempers and even violence that it caused.

Now, who knows. Maybe because it puts the retailers in the black?

But if color is connected to conditions of a crazy day, how long, exactly, did the previous day’s condition of gratitude continue?

More generally, if behavior and mood are colored by days of the week, how should we understand the flow of the color chart?

Sunday: Let’s make it White Sunday. Nothing happening to incense the populace or enrich the retailers.

Monday: Let’s make it Blue Monday. The work week starts with its anticipated burdens, pressures and hassles; its memories of Fats Domino.

Tuesday: Let’s make it Turquoise Tuesday. The work week, it turns out, is happier than expected, the burdens less than anticipated, the downsides not so blue after all.

Wednesday: Let’s make it Yellow Wednesday. As the events of the week begin to pile up and run into each other, the power to concentrate is slightly thinned and everything begins to come up pale, as in pale yellow.

Thursday: Let’s make it Pink Thursday. The end of the week looms and the excitement thereby turns one’s limbs pink.

Friday. Well, we’ve got it covered.

Saturday. A problem. To the world there is Saturday. Call it Green Saturday as in relaxation from work and the flight to diversions — elixirs symbolized by green. But to the Jews there is Shabbos, an infinitely richer experience than Saturday. Let’s color this Color Palette Shabbos, as the entire panorama of color pervades and elevates the day.

Actually, it kind of rings: From Black Friday to Rainbow Shabbos — a sympathetic vibration.

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