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Hillel Goldberg

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As an idea, sin is not so popular

It is a paradox. Yom Kippur says: G-d does not forgive the wrongs committed against people unless, first, the wrongdoer seeks the forgiveness of the victim.

The thinning of humanity

If losing weight were as pervasive as the thinning of our language, the obesity epidemic would vanish in a night.

Queen Elizabeth’s (and our) . . . legacy?

I am not opposed to the British monarchy. I am not in favor of it. I, like many Americans, simply don’t understand its attraction.

Now I know how the Holocaust happened

Of course I don’t know how the Holocaust happened. No one will ever fully understand mass, mechanized murder, still less in the most cultured society in Europe. But I...

It’s good to be back

What a joy to be back these past few weeks — to greet old faces and to see or listen to new venues or voices.

19 Arab righteous gentiles

We know that there was an Arab pogrom in Hebron, Palestine in 1929. We know that 67 Jews were axed and otherwise done to death in cold blood — more accurately, that...


Split|screen. Saudi Arabia has a terrible human rights record, and is called out for it. President Biden is right to do so, even as he valiantly tries to balance his...

My time in the Colorado State Penitentiary

In case you want to get someone’s attention, try this: “Let me tell you about my time in the Colorado State Penitentiary in Canon City.” Works every time, I can...

Jewish view of abortion

As the nation bifurcates into unprecedented anger or rejoicing over two opposite philosophical positions on abortion, I, as an Orthodox Jew, can only look on in sadness.

From across the remotest horizon

What are we to make of the supernatural events in this week’s Torah portion, the story of Korach and his fellow rebels against G-d and Moses.