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Hillel Goldberg

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Hermine Blau

In every community there is a small number of special people captured by the adjective “colorful.” They attract attention not because they try to but because of who...

Have we lost the ability to govern ourselves?

My friend David Boyles suggested even before the January 6 incident at the US Capitol, “We have lost the ability to govern ourselves.” Perhaps I am in denial, but I...

My friend Will Hiatt

One could make many mistakes about the late Will Hiatt. He was a strapping, handsome man, strong. He exercised every day. When he swam a length of the pool, if

I didn’t even finish half of my favorite book of 2020

I did not even finish half of my favorite book of 2020. This is no reason to complain. What I read is so rich that I have already reread many parts. […]

2020: A year of benefits and better habits

The terrible losses and disruptions of 2020 are known to us all. Death, disease, job loss, food insecurity, mental strain, upended schools, polarization. We need not...


If a person could not forget, a person could not live. If a person remembered the fullness of pain of a betrayal, of a big financial loss, of the death […]


The ageless palimpsest of the Jewish people — the book of Genesis — leaves me with two new mysteries as I read through it week by week. At critical junctures...

Was there a Chanukah miracle?

“Oh yes, of course. Chanukah is eight days long. Because of the miracle. One day’s worth of oil burned for eight days.” This just trips off the tongue. But do...

Who murdered Van Gogh?

We all know about Vincent Van Gogh. Brilliant artist. Crazy. Cut off his own ear. Killed himself. Never sold a single painting in his lifetime, though now his paintings...

The FBI and me

“Oh, Rabbi Goldberg, we will send you a copy of the book, but you won’t need to pay. Please, just write a review.” Me? A review of a book about […]