Tuesday, March 5, 2024 -
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It is no time to forget Ukraine and what it’s fighting for

If moral clarity over Ukraine is lost, so is moral clarity over Israel. It is critical for the US to back both Ukraine and Israel, and to fund both.

Definite dead ends in Gaza, and a possible long term solution

Who should rule a post-war Gaza? Not the PA, not Hamas, not Israel. Who then? One possibility: a temporary international consortium of countries with a direct...

‘Genocide of Muslims’ at Harvard ‘depends on context’

Higher education has become lower education. Without excusing the universities for their own moral dumbing down and pervasive moral relativism, their inability to...

The Chanukah lights

The adjective that most describes the Jewish people today — resilient — is repeated again and again. As the State of Israel 
now witnesses its greatest military...

How to lose friends and not influence people

It won’t surprise anyone reading this that we are free speech advocates. An American newspaper wouldn’t have it any other way. While the “free” part of free...

UN — to what purpose?

The UN — and the international community as a whole — have crossed the Rubicon. Forget, for a minute, that Israel is the only country in the world privileged to see...

The backstairs door into the evil of Gaza

What is the truth about life in Gaza between 2005, when Israel withdrew unilaterally, and Oct. 7, 2023? Two phrases answer the question.

Free Israel

Proposed placards for a pro-Israel rally

Anti-Semitism — the great unifier

Suddenly, both the left and the right jettison their political principles, since they stand in the way of anti-Semitism.

Iran’s hold over Biden

Iran is a bad actor. Israel suffers. Gaza suffers. Also Lebanon, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Syria. Why does Biden accommodate Iran?