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Chris Leppek

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Peer tries to build black-Jewish bridges through music

Leah Peer — the founder and music director of Kol Nashim, a sister choir of the Colorado Hebrew Chorale, and director of HEA’s High Holidays choir — Peer believes...

‘Golda’ opens in Denver, Boulder

The story of the 1973 Yom Kippur war is disturbingly recreated in “Golda,” a biopic on Golda Meir’s role in the war that will open in US theaters next week, Aug....

Picking the brain of ‘Golda’ director Guy Nattiv

In "Golda," Israeli-born Nattiv, working on a script by Nicholas Martin, does a masterful job recreating the tension, anxiety, terror and tragedy that Israel endured...

Lighthouse — believers in the written word

After more than a quarter century of restless but patient roaming through several Denver locations, the Lighthouse Writers Workshop finally moved into a permanent home,...

The murder — and the hunt for justice

Susan Altman meets the gold standard for persistence and fortitude — finally, a conviction, following the murder of her sister Stacy Feldman.

Gen. Rose statue dedicated at Colorado State Capitol

The spirit of Gen. Maurice Rose was welcomed home to Denver this week and the welcome was a very warm one. On a picture-perfect springtime afternoon on Sunday, April...

Slate of events planned for Trugman visit

Rabbi Avraham Trugman, director of Denver’s NCSY branch from 1988 to 1995 and the founder of the Israel-based Ohr Chadash educational program, has scheduled a slate of...

Students reel at East High gun violence

Zeke Lubin, 18, a senior at East High School, was in class on the morning of March 22 when another East student, Austin Lyle, opened fire on two school deans, Eric...

Rabbi Eddie Shapiro is a kashrus jack of all trades

Rabbi Eddie Shapiro is a man of many skills and much experience; of many varied clients, both Jewish and non-Jewish, both living and dead; and of many titles.

Fielder captures world’s most beautiful place

Few would dispute that John Fielder is Colorado’s best-known photographer today, quite possibly ever.