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JCRC votes not to endorse anti-Hamas resolution

The Colorado Jewish Community Relations Council decided by a unanimous vote last week not to endorse a proposed resolution by Colorado Rep. Ron Weinberg (R-Loveland) that expresses support for Israel, condemns anti-Semitism and condemns the atrocities committed by Hamas against Israelis on Oct. 7.

In a statement provided to the Intermountain Jewish News on Jan. 18, the day of the vote, JCRC director Dan Leshem indicated that the JCRC did not disagree with the content of Weinberg’s resolution but with the idea of introducing a resolution on the Gaza war into the Colorado Legislature, “a topic beyond the purview of this body.”

The JCRC statement expressed support for the substance Weinberg’s resolution, which harshly condemns Hamas and calls for vigilance against anti-Semitism, particularly on college campuses.

The JCRC called Weinberg as “a champion for our community,” but believes that such a resolution could ultimately be divisive and painful for the community.

“The JCRC voted unanimously to encourage all state and local legislators to forego introducing symbolic resolutions concerning the war against Hamas,” the Jewish community’s public policy arm stated.

“This vote in no way indicates opposition to the substance of Rep. Weinberg’s [resolution], but rather, reflects the inevitable debate around such resolutions for or against Israel that are, at best, unproductive and, at worst, divisive and painful for our community. Rather, today’s vote reflects the JCRC’s strategic position that our community’s attention and limited political capital should remain focused on different opportunities.”

The JCRC statement emphasized support for Weinberg’s work related to the Gaza war and thanked him “for his leadership and his strength in standing up to the vitriolic and anti-Semitic behavior he has had to endure from other lawmakers and constituents.”

That was an apparent reference, in part, to Weinberg’s high-profile confrontation last November with Rep. Elisabeth Epps, D-Denver, who interrupted Weinberg while speaking on the House floor during a special legislative session called to address tax issues.

Epps, a progressive with a history of anti-Israel activism, accused Israel of genocide and human rights violations after interrupting Weinberg, and later shouted out from the House gallery, along with a number of demonstrators.

She was later removed from the House Judiciary Committee and reprimanded for violating legislative rules of conduct.

Last week’s JCRC’s statement also referenced the recent wave of anti-Semitism, including incidents in Colorado, which has followed in the wake of Oct. 7.

“The JCRC believes the best way to fight anti-Semitism and all forms of discrimination is to remind Coloradans of our shared humanity and to look for opportunities to come together. We are working across multiple fronts including meeting regularly with lawmakers and community leaders to educate them about the war and how it is impacting our local Jewish community, and to share feedback from our nearly 40 member organizations.”

The IJN was unable to reach Weinberg early this week for comment on the JCRC vote, but in his comments last week he said that he intends to introduce the resolution with or without the formal support of the Jewish community.

“I’m going to stand up and fight against anti-Semitism. This is not acceptable,” he said.

“The only reason I’m doing any of this is that I have students, people across the state, who are Jewish and who are asking me why we’re (the legislature) not doing anything.

“I’m in this far. I’m in this deep already and I have an opportunity now to either reject that position or lean into it.”

Weinberg also said that every Republican in the House and the Senate has agreed to sign on and that the resolution also has Democratic support, including one unnamed representative who has agreed to co-sponsor it with him.

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1 thoughts on “JCRC votes not to endorse anti-Hamas resolution

  1. LARRY

    Rep Weinberg is fighting the good fight but he won’t get any support from Colorado Bhu Jews who still think that Boulder partnering with Nablus was a dandy idea embodying their virtue-signaling flags of coexistence & tolerance.


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