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Rosyne Gardenswartz, 1924-2016

The sweetness of Rosyne Gardenswartz will live as long as everyone who knew her lives, since her kindness and genuine concern for everyone she met are unforgettable.

Rosyne Gardenswartz had a way of knowing not only you but of everyone who was important to you or who formed you; she knew how to connect you to your entire mosaic of meaning in life. With just a few words she connected you to the generations in your life that came before or came after. She took a special joy in knowing the joy that you took in what was most meaningful in your life — again, in the simplest of ways. Without philosophizing. Without a lot of verbiage. Just naturally, insightfully, directly. She was a friend in the purest sense.

It seems to have been the special kindness of the Alm-ghty to give Rosyne Gardenswartz a long life so that she could multiply the number of people she touched, vivified and gladdened.

A person who lived as long as Rosyne Gardenswartz experienced her share, and perhaps more than her share, of losses; but what came through was gratitude, not sorrow; fullness, not emptiness; smiles, not frowns; goodness, not complaints; joy, not sadness. Wherever she was, whenever she entered a room, Rosyne Gardenswartz brought out the best in those around her. It was as if, with her presence, a permanent source of pleasantness were implanted in our community.

The number of people who will miss Rosyne Gardenswartz is literally not countable. There is her family and there are her friends, but there are so many more people whose contact with her may not have been frequent or extensive, but was rewarding and memorable just the same. It is hard to think of someone else in our community who had that universal touch of delight in life, and the capacity to share it, as deftly as Rosyne Gardenswartz.

It was an honor, a delight, a source of gratitude — a humanizing experience — to have known Rosyne Gardenswartz.

May G-d now bless her with the eternal version of all of the blessings that she was constantly wishing on, seeding in and watching sprout in others.

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